Consumerism, Values, and What Really Matters: An Interview with Tim Kasser

New Dream talked with Tim Kasser, a recent addition to our Board of Directors, about his research on consumerism and people’s v...

The High Price of Materialism: Further Reading

...r the studies referenced in New Dream video The High Price of Materialism, narrated by psychologist Tim Kasser.

VIDEO: The High Price of Materialism

In this short animation, psychologist Tim Kasser discusses how America's culture of consumerism undermines our well-being. When people buy into the e...

Beyond Consumerism

Our video, "The High Price of Materialism," in which psychologist Tim Kasser discusses how consumerism undermines well-being.

U.S. News and World Report: The Health Benefits of Simple Living

In a meta-analysis out this month in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Tim Kasser, a professor of psychology at Knox College in Illinois, and colleagues found a link between material...

Want More Time? Give It Away!

...get the obvious fact that how we spend our time can have a huge impact on how we feel. Board member Tim Kasser’s research reveals that activism and engagement can boost one’s sense of vitality.

Rethinking "Stuff"

Tim Kasser's "The High Price of Materialism Video" for the Center for a New American Dream

Sightline Daily: The Good Life, Not the Goods Life

Changing lifestyles isn’t enough though. As the video creator Tim Kasser points out, public policy can also support intrinsic values and well being. Following the Sightline...

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