Cow Burps and Climate Change?

Apparently humans aren't the only species with a carbon footprint! This most recent study is the latest spark in an ongoing discussion on the impact of methane, a greenhouse gas twenty times more potent than carbon dioxide, released into the atmosphere by burping cows. On first read, I thought t...

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New York City Council Passes Plastic Bag Bill

"City Council Passes Bill for Recycling of Plastic Bags" New York Times By Anne Barnard Published: January 10, 2008 The stash under the sink grows inexorably: bags from Duane Reade and D’Agostino, bags from Home Depot and the health food store. Wadded up, stuffed one inside the other, t...

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Takoma Voice: Air Freshener – Betsy Taylor Sees Blue Skies in Our Future

Let’s look ahead and imagine that together with millions of other concerned citizens, we acted heroically in the face of the news on global warming. What will be different?

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C3 Blog Update!

Thanks to all who participated in C3 Phase One! Over the last six months, your expressed commitment to going green and efforts to spread the word about our campaign has resulted in carbon savings of 4,934,224 pounds! While the contest closed at the end of December, we hope that you’ll continue t...

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China to ban “ultra-thin” plastic bags

China bans free plastic bags (CNN) -- China is banning free plastic bags common at shops and supermarkets and ordering customers to be charged for any they use, the government said Wednesday. The rules, which take effect June 1, come as the country tries to tackle a significant source of litter...

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Polycarbonate Bottles Raise Questions

Health Concerns Resurface Over Chemical Used in Hard-Plastic Polycarbonate Water Bottles ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP) -- Catching his breath at a fitness club, Matt McHugh took a gulp of water from his trusty, hard-plastic Nalgene bottle and pondered the idea of switching to an alternative made of glass,...

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A Day Without Bags

Heal the Bay is sponsoring A Day Without a Bag on December 20th in the Los Angeles area. More than 6 billion plastic bags are used in LA County each year. Because so few of them are recycled, the vast majority end up clogging precious landfill, littering public places and ultimately polluting ou...

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Plastics are negatively impacting marine life

Floating, Texas-Sized Garbage Patch Threatens Pacific Marine Sanctuary Ars Technica - The Art of Technology Published: October 23, 2007 Written by John Timmer A looming environmental threat the size of Texas should be hard to miss, but when that threat is floating in a rarely-visited section ...

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A fun reuse/recycle idea for your plastic bags

So you have a lot of plastic bags (that you're no longer going to be accepting at the grocery store because you're now using reusable bags), and you might be concerned about what actually happens to those bags when you take them to be recycled by turning them back into the stores. Here's somethin...

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Great visual about why the greenest bag is a reusable bag

From the Washington Post (If you can't read it in this post, click on the image for an expanded view.)

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