Bag o’Milk– the Greener Option

Milk. It does a body good (when it's organic, that is). But what does it do for the planet? I recently returned from a year of living abroad. While I was there, I bought all my milk in plastic bags. And I loved it. There's something so gratifying and simple about plopping the bag into a reusable...

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Confessions of an Ex-Plastic Junkie

A cute reflection on the plastic bag's fall from glory: Plastic Bags, Headed for a Meltdown From the Washington Post By Jane Black Washington Post Staff Writer Wednesday, February 6, 2008; Page F01 On a recent Sunday, I stood in a long line at the Dupont Circle farmers market. At the front ...

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British Bishops Cut Carbon for Lent

If you were planning on cutting chocolate, alcohol, or some other guilty pleasure for Lent, two British bishops would urge you to reconsider. Why not channel that energy into reducing your carbon footprint instead? Earth Ministry, an organization that aims to "inspire and mobilize the Christian C...

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Is it Quantity, Not Quality, that Counts?

A reminder that it's not just taking the road less traveled, but literally traveling the road less, that makes the difference... Next Phase of Energy, Climate Debate Will Be About How Much We Drive From the Wall Street Journal By Joseph B. White February 4, 2008 I lead a double life. Monday...

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Driving Our Way to Drought

Nothing like some scary climate news on a Monday morning to inspire a carbon conscious week! In yet another reminder of the direct link between our daily activities and climate change, an article published last Thursday by Science magazine demonstrates that human behavior, such as driving and op...

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Putting a Price Tag on Climate Change

For years, scientists have talked about the costs of global warming. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon took those warnings literally. Yesterday, Ban announced in a 52-page report that efforts to address climate change may cost a staggering $20 trillion over the next two decades. According to cove...

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My Beef with Beef

When my twelve year-old self stopped eating meat, the explanation I gave people was quite nuanced and well-reasoned: I liked animals too much to eat them. Hey, it sounded good at the time. But over the years, as I grew increasingly aware of the meat industry and its environmental impact, my choi...

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Cow Burps and Climate Change?

Apparently humans aren't the only species with a carbon footprint! This most recent study is the latest spark in an ongoing discussion on the impact of methane, a greenhouse gas twenty times more potent than carbon dioxide, released into the atmosphere by burping cows. On first read, I thought t...

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New York City Council Passes Plastic Bag Bill

"City Council Passes Bill for Recycling of Plastic Bags" New York Times By Anne Barnard Published: January 10, 2008 The stash under the sink grows inexorably: bags from Duane Reade and D’Agostino, bags from Home Depot and the health food store. Wadded up, stuffed one inside the other, t...

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Takoma Voice: Air Freshener – Betsy Taylor Sees Blue Skies in Our Future

Let’s look ahead and imagine that together with millions of other concerned citizens, we acted heroically in the face of the news on global warming. What will be different?

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