Living Green Below Your Means is Back!

In response to reader demand, we're excited to announce the return of Living Green Below Your Means! This periodic column is back with new tips and anecdotes from New Dream staff and contributing guest bloggers. We'll be offering first-person accounts of ways in which eco-minded individuals balan...

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Spotlight: Take Back the Filter!

If the how to refill your Brita filter tip wasn't quite up your alley and you wish there was an easier way to reuse or recycle your disposable cartridges, check out Take Back the Filter. This recently launched campaign is asking the Clorox Company, which purchased the North American branch of Bri...

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Easy How-to for Refilling Disposable Brita Filter

So you've stopped by buying bottled water, traded in your BPA-laden plastic bottle for one made of stainless steel, and fill it regularly with cool, filtered water from your Brita. Way to live the bottle-less life! Want to keep on saving-- both dollars and the planet? Check out the following lin...

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Want to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint? Check Your Plate.

Here's another installment on the link between meat consumption and climate change. Oh, and hope everyone had a wonderful Earth Day! Humans' beef with livestock: a warmer planet American meat eaters are responsible for 1.5 more tons of carbon dioxide per person than vegetarians every year. By B...

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A Biodegradeable Plastic Bag! Too Good To Be True?

From Gizmodo: Biodegradable Plastic Bag Disappears in Four Months, Along With Your Earth-Killing Guilt The reason plastic is awesome is that it's super durable, so it lasts forever. The problem is that it lasts forever, even when we want it to just go away and take its place in the circle life....

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Beware of the Bag Monster!

After all those late nights sitting up by your young environmentalist's bed, reassuring her that no, there really aren't any monsters in her closet, you may be in for a bit of a shock. Evidently, monsters are real! And they're coming to a mall near you. Meet... the Bag Monster! From Grist: It C...

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The Sickening Effects of Climate Change

I often wonder if, somewhere between talk of melting polar ice caps and migrating polar bears, the crux of the climate issue gets lost. On a surprisingly regular basis, I find myself engaged in conversations where I try to explain that this isn't just a cause for the treehuggers and scientists-- ...

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Biking to Work?! Oh, the Horror!

From Grist: 'State Farm can get you back behind the wheel' Posted by David Roberts at 11:15 PM on 03 Apr 2008 Witness the humiliation as this distinguished professional is forced to ... my God, I can barely say it ... ride a bike to work. Do something, State Farm! Anything! "You know that pla...

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Seattle Mayor Proposes Grocery Bag Fee

Props to Seattle officials for promoting the idea that the only green bag is a reusable bag! Seattle Officials Propose 20-cent Grocery Bag Fee by Sharon Pian Chan Next time the cashier says "paper or plastic," think outside the bags. Think about ocean pollution, giant landfills and global warm...

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Scientists: Consumption Won’t Bring Happiness

We've all been told that money can't buy us love. According to the results of a recent study conducted by researchers at the University of British Columbia, it won't buy happiness either. Here's to living simply! Give It Away, Now Interesting Research Findings on Wealth and Happiness Posted b...

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