How I Discovered Vermicomposting

Contributing author Rebecca Goodstein is the Conservation Journeys Manager at The Nature Conservancy. As I write this, there are 1,000 worms in my kitchen eating my garbage. Some people have cats, dogs or hamsters as pets--“ I have a container filled with organic waste-loving, rubbish-chomping r...

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Tags: Composting, Food waste, Reduce waste, Worms

Veg Out With Oprah

It's been a while since I've had the joy of using this forum to dish about celeb gossip, but count on Oprah to provide new blog fodder! Last week's media headlines screaming that Oprah had "gone vegan" were a bit of a stretch. While she hasn't made any full commitment to a vegan lifestyle, she h...

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Beyond Crunchy Granola

A teaser from "Shopping to Help Save the World," a recent MSNBC article on conscious consumption as an increasingly mainstream practice: Here’s the type of conundrum that Wendy Richardson often finds herself debating: If she is three miles from her office and realizes she has forgotten her...

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Americans Downshift Driving in Record Numbers

As of this morning, the price for regular gas at the station closest to my house is a mind-blowing $4.19-- up ten cents in a week. While I've always been conscious of keeping my driving to a minimum for environmental reasons (my clunker of a car doesn't get world's greatest mileage, to say the le...

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A Fountain on Every Corner

There was a wonderful op-ed in the New York Times last week about the next step in breaking the bottled water habit: so you have your non-toxic, reusable bottle…where do you fill it up? When walking in New York City on a hot day, Elizabeth Royte says, tap water is not as readily available as b...

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Tags: Bottled water, City water supply, Public water, Water fountains

Memorable Vacations

Looking back on the family vacations from my childhood, they seem pretty average. We visited our share of amusement parks but also went to nature museums, historical spots, and the beach. A lot of the trips run together in my memory, but what I do remember most of all were the simple pleasures th...

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Tags: Childhood vacations, Green travel, Kids and vacation, Quality time with family

Spotlight: One Planet - Ours!

Plan to be in D.C. this summer? Interested in sustainable gardening and landscaping? Or in broader exploration of ways to incorporate green living into your home and community? (I'm guessing that holds true for most of us). If so, make it a point to stop by the U.S. Botanical Gardens, whose "One...

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Climate Change Right Before Your Eyes

For the visual learners among us, Google Earth has launched Climate Change in Our World, a project that uses time-lapse imagery to demonstrate predicted planetary shifts through 2100. At once amazing, saddening, and inspiring, this site is definitely worth a look. Animated Map Brings Global Clim...

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Nutrition Labels for Low Carbon Dieters

I've always been a proponent of ensuring that nutritional information is available for all food products. But nutritional labels on light bulbs and laundry detergent? That's right, says Tesco, Britain's biggest retailer. They've recently begun placing "carbon footprint" labels on twenty of their ...

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Seattle Mayor Tells Citizens to Drink Up– From the Tap!

Stop Buying Bottled Water, Nickels Urges Seattleites By Susan Gilmore Seattle Times staff reporter When Mayor Greg Nickels drives in his car, he carries a plastic container filled with tap water. He says it's his small effort to save the environment. This morning, Nickels launched a bigger m...

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