The Forty Story Farm

So I was sitting in the office one day taking a well deserved mental health break, when I stumbled upon an article for Vertical Farming. Amazed that I hadn't heard of it before, I began to research it further. As I learned more it became apparent that this technology could be a game changer, and ...

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Dish Detergent: One Environmentally Preferable Product Not to Overlook

During tough economic times, even the most committed conscious consumer may begin to question which green goods are the most important to buy and why. One product I urge you to splurge on is environmentally preferable dishwashing detergent. The reason I'm such an advocate for this product is beca...

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Tags: Chemical pollutants waterways, Green cleaning, Green dish soap, Water pollution

Save Energy; Take a Long Weekend!

Many of you may know that we at New Dream work a 4-day week. I know, I know, I am absurdly lucky to be a part of such an incredible organization, but there are downsides too. Like, well, um... does being the envy of all my friends and family count? But ok, in all seriousness, our decision to wor...

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Look honey! They now carry water!

So I was having a pleasant walk after brunch on Sunday when I came across the store front of a popular burger chain with a framed sign that reads: "WE NOW CARRY BOTTLED WATER." What?! This is now something restaurants are using to woo potential patrons? This is problematic. A sign like this coul...

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Frugal Green Shopping Bags

Reusable shopping bags have come a long way. Efforts like New American Dream's Carbon Conscious Consumer campaign have made great strides in touting their eco-advantages over disposable bags. As a result, the same big-name grocery stores whose clerks gave me funny looks for bringing my own bags a...

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Tags: Green shopping, Recycle grocery bags, Reduce waste, Reusable bags

East Meets South: Backyard BBQ with a Texas Twang

Being from Texas, I'm no stranger to the summer barbeque. I grew up on coleslaw and sweet tea, and when our family gathered in the summertime, we did it around a grill. Our seasonal celebrations even led my dad to write a song called "Backyard Barbeque," which is still a family classic. We didn'...

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Tags: Green bbq, Reducing meat consumption, Vegetarian barbeque

As for those enhanced waters . . .

My little brother and I have issues with getting easily dehydrated, so we always have an emergency stock of enhanced beverages and sports drinks in our respective pantries for when the onset of dehydration comes on. Most of the drinks are single (or sometimes two) servings, and while we can recyc...

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Phantom Loads: The Vampires in Your Home

There is something scary lurking behind our walls while we're sleeping! Vampires! Vampire plugs, that is. Sometimes called "phantom loads," "standby power," or "leaking electricity"), it's the electricity that your electronics keep sucking when they are turned off, but still plugged into the wall...

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Tags: Appliances, Energy efficiency, Save money save energy

Majority of Americans Making Earth Friendly Choices

In a world where the hourly news check inevitably produces more gloom and doom updates about climate change, the C3 blog is excited to share something a bit more uplifting! According to a recent Harris poll, the majority of Americans feel that their personal actions have an impact on the environm...

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Designer Water Bottles

This Living Green Below Your Means blog was established, in part, to discuss ways to be green without breaking the bank. Not that we don't like green products, but sometimes the best way to reduce your ecological footprint is to stop buying stuff you don't need. Like water in bottles. You've bee...

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Tags: Carbon footprint, Greenwashing, Plastic waste, Reducing water waste

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