No Impact Man and the Economy

The blogger known as No Impact Man posted an interesting explanation of the current economic situation. Here's an excerpt: But if our lives were more anchored in the other relationships, perhaps we would have less to be frightened of. What if our food and healthcare came locally, from our commun...

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Tags: Community, Economic policy, No impact man

On the Subject of Sacrifice

From the perspective of New American Dream, a particular moment stood out in Tuesday's second presidential debate. (Of course, several moments may have stood out for viewers, but for present purposes I am looking solely through the lens of New Dream's mission and message.) One of the questions f...

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Finding What Matters In Times of Crisis

We are in the midst of an economic crisis—one that threatens American jobs, homes, life savings. In troubled times, each of us must take stock of our situation and assess our own economic forecast. Facing catastrophic losses, we may not find silver linings, but in seeking the economic and emotion...

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Staying ahead of the curve while cutting back

A letter from the Executive Director The Center for a New American Dream, like so many other non-profits, faces some stressful financial uncertainty as volatile markets and talk of total financial meltdown dominate the public discourse. At the same time, we are perhaps, perfectly positioned. As ...

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Tags: Green office, Green workplace, Recession

Finding our Victory Gardens

"The speed of [the] conversion from a peacetime to a wartime economy is stunning," Lester Brown of the Earth Policy Institute writes of the US mobilization for the war effort during World War II. "The harnessing of U.S. industrial power tipped the scales decisively toward the Allied Forces, rever...

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Tags: American ingenuity, Great depression, History, Rationing, Victory gardens, World war 2

More Than a Fashion Statement

Apparently, Green is the New Black. (And because ever-trendy shops are selling t-shirts boasting that slogan, it must be true!). While the green-is-hip trend seems to be popping up everywhere, I started really noticing it with the rise of reusable grocery bags as a fashion piece. More and more, a...

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I Am Ready for the Green Economy-- Are You?

On Saturday, September 27, our friends at 1Sky are launching a national mobilization to say, "I'm ready for the green economy." We support them in tackling the climate crisis by building a green economy strong enough to lift people out of poverty. Check out the site and sign up today! Green Jobs...

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Article 31: The Right to Water

You know that feeling of stepping away from an experience—be it a conversation, film, speaker, or totally fleeting interaction— and finding yourself energized in ways you couldn’t have anticipated, thinking “wow--this is why I do what I do”? Such was my reaction to “Flow,” the award-winning docu...

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Discover Your Neighborhood: One-Mile-Radius Living

I've got an idea for an experiment that will help cut your expenses, keep you physically fit, reduce global warming, and help build community, all at the same time. It's called "One-Mile-Radius Living." And despite the name, it's not a form of house arrest! Here's how it works. First, make a li...

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A Reminder that Small Steps DO Make a Big Impact

Thanks to you-- to everyone who's kicked their bottled water habit-- bottled water sales in the US are slowing! Pretty amazing that the collective impact of a whole bunch of individual decisions to eliminate bottled water purchasing is already having such a noteworthy effect on the market. If you...

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