50 Items Under $1.50 at Whole Foods?

One of my favorite food/wellness blogs is Noshtopia, written and photographed by Stephanie Quilao. Noshtopia is a comprehensive food and wellness blog, with a special focus on vegan and raw alternatives to standard health food fare. One of Quilao's earlier posts dealt with the idea that shopping...

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Native Land, Youth, and The Future

by Guest Contributor Jessica Yee, originally published at Racialicious Editor's Note: Jessica Yee is the founder and Director of the Native Youth Sexual Health Network, who works across North America on issues of healthy sexuality, cultural competency, and youth empowerment. At 22, she is a prou...

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Tags: Earth spirit, Ecological justice, Native people

You Don't Need All That Cookie-Cutter "Stuff"

For the second year in a row, New Dream promoted Buy Nothing Day as an alternative to Black Friday’s shopping madness. While the majority of folks seemed to appreciate this action, we did receive some flack from others believing that such an endorsement translated to our organization being “anti-...

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Visions of Sugarplums: Sweet Excess During the Holidays

For neither an abundance of waste nor an abundance of waist, you can still pass on the cheer while taking a pass on the food. Over Thanksgiving, I read An Abundance of Food, Wasted, a New York Times editorial by Jonathan Bloom, who is a journalist and a blogger on the excellent Wasted Food blog....

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Tags: Celebration, Diabetic, Diet, Family pressure, Food waste, Holiday consumption

Towards a Greener Ham?

Meat consumption is rising around the globe. What are we going to do about it? Is there such a thing as a greener meat? The New York Times had a great article about meat the other day, As More Eat Meat, a Bid to Cut Emissions. It quoted United Nations statistics showing that meat production caus...

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Decking the halls, cutting some carbon

Over the holidays many people flock to their community's light display. These acres of lights arranged in dazzling designs, some of them animated, are a popular source of entertainment for after kids have been tired out by other more active pursuits. If you're like me, you enjoy the displays whil...

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Tags: Energystar, Green lighting, Holiday decorations, Led bulbs, Light bulbs

Coming Full Circle with the Planet

A recent New York Times editorial, Save the Economy, and the Planet, was optimistic about President-elect Obama's commitment to making good on promises to address climate change, even in the face of the current recession. Obama's stance is that the present is an ideal time to invest clean energy ...

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Rocks that Eat Carbon

As a political science student I’m a junkie for all the latest global happenings. I spend much of my free time scouring through news outlets such as the Economist and BBC. On a recent binge I stumbled across an article from the Economist that discusses a recent discovery that may be a key t...

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Your Office Holiday Party Doesn't Have to Be Lame (Even in a Recession)

As recently as last year, the holiday office party was a really big deal in England, where drinking to excess and even injury is considered almost a patriotic duty (see the Washington Post: In Britain, A Respected, If Rowdy, Holiday Ritual), but the US has its share of jokes about indiscretions a...

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Tags: Celebrations, Community, Decorating, Green office, Workplace

Reciprocity and The Gift Economy

"What power resides in the [gift] given that causes its recipient to pay it back?" --Marcel Mauss, The Gift Picture yourself in the following scenario: right before the holidays a co-worker or friend unexpectedly gives you a gift. What do you do? a)Improvise something to give them as a gift b...

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