Coming Full Circle with the Planet

A recent New York Times editorial, Save the Economy, and the Planet, was optimistic about President-elect Obama's commitment to making good on promises to address climate change, even in the face of the current recession. Obama's stance is that the present is an ideal time to invest clean energy ...

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Rocks that Eat Carbon

As a political science student I’m a junkie for all the latest global happenings. I spend much of my free time scouring through news outlets such as the Economist and BBC. On a recent binge I stumbled across an article from the Economist that discusses a recent discovery that may be a key t...

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Your Office Holiday Party Doesn't Have to Be Lame (Even in a Recession)

As recently as last year, the holiday office party was a really big deal in England, where drinking to excess and even injury is considered almost a patriotic duty (see the Washington Post: In Britain, A Respected, If Rowdy, Holiday Ritual), but the US has its share of jokes about indiscretions a...

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Reciprocity and The Gift Economy

"What power resides in the [gift] given that causes its recipient to pay it back?" --Marcel Mauss, The Gift Picture yourself in the following scenario: right before the holidays a co-worker or friend unexpectedly gives you a gift. What do you do? a)Improvise something to give them as a gift b...

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The Handmade Touch

As I wrote in a previous post, secretly, I love to give gifts. Ironically, the holiday pressure to buy kind of turns off this urge, but the rest of the year, for birthdays, Mother's Day, or no occasion at all, searching for—and finding—the gift that says, "This is exactly to your tast...

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Holiday shopping--just don't

Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Turn them away this year. By Dr. Juliet Schor, reprinted from the Los Angeles Times (edited from original) As if American consumers don't already have enough on their minds, we've just had Black Friday with Cyber Monday still to come, the nation's annual rituals ...

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Cookies and the global economy

Today I began to get the itch to follow a family holiday tradition and bake a bunch of cookies. Every year my mother used to make more than a dozen varieties of sweets, from yogurt-covered pretzels to iced gingerbread to colored dough that was squeezed in patterns from an antique sort of press. W...

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Active Transportation for America

By Thomas Gotschi, PhD., Director of Research, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy Several years ago when I moved to Los Angeles, I didn’t bring my bike along. Nobody bikes in L.A. Even after months of chronic back pain, it ultimately took some kids stealing my car to make me reconsider. It was then tha...

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(Relinquishing) My Quest for the Best Feast Ever

My Arab Muslim family was all about Thanksgiving. We hosted friends at a huge feast at our home almost every year, quite possibly the most American of all our family meals (though my mother’s couscous stuffing is like no other!). Our home was full of delicious smells and laughter. My first Thank...

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The No Meals Out Challenge

As a graduate student, I’ve been living on a limited income. In addition to trying to cut down more than usual on the extras like new clothes, expanding my library, and taking unnecessary road trips, I recently challenged myself to a “No Meals Out” two weeks. Now, to many people—especially those ...

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