Breaking the Soda Habit

So, the truth is that I really love sodas. My favorite, though, is a certain brand of cola. I’m not usually serious about brands with most things I eat (or drink for that matter) but there’s something about the regular version of this cola that just makes me really happy. Maybe it’s the cheerful ...

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Burger King and the Search for the Unspoiled Palate

You may have seen the "OMG, is this for real?" actual video from Burger King, "Whopper Virgins" (below). Even if you have seen it, you should read the blog post over at Grist by Meredith Niles, a Cater to the Earth Partner from the Cool Foods Campaign, at the Center for Food Safety: If they have ...

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Wall-E and Recycled Art

This weekend I finally saw that movie allegory about consumption, Wall-E, and it has spurred me to write a post that's been kicking around for awhile: the unique beauty of recycled objects. In this blog we've mentioned art, clothing, and household articles made out of trash or repurposed material...

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The Next Green Plate Special: Local Food is Top Trend for Restaurants

From Environmental Leader: Restaurants To Become ‘Greener,’ Offer More Local Produce In 2009 In 2008, the No. 1 trend among chefs was local produce, according to the “What’s Hot” survey released by the National Restaurant Association.The study found that 89 percent of fine-dining operators serve...

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Tags: Food industry, Green dining, Green market, Local food, Restaurants

Join Us In Our Search for a Virtuous Diet

In 1726 Benjamin Franklin decided to become virtuous, ridding himself of one vice at a time. Some of his targets, like frugality and moderation, are things we can all work towards. If you're game for trying to attain all 13 of his virtues, you can try his method for yourself by downloading his tr...

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Update on Sale of Recycled Clothing

An earlier post discussed the coming regulations for children's clothing and toys, designed to protect them from lead and phthalates. See this update from the Consumer Product Safety Commission: Sellers of used children’s products, such as thrift stores and consignment stores, are not req...

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Alice Walker and the Many Soul Food Traditions

Writer Alice Walker is not shy about discussing food. In a recent interview with the Vegetarian Times she discussed her own diet. In novels like In the Temple of My Familiar she describes the preparation of crab gumbo with such loving precision you could almost use the passage as a recipe. One o...

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Sales of Used Clothing for Kids to Hit a Snag After Feb. 9

Children outgrow clothes and even toys so quickly that many parents either buy clothing used, donate their gently-used togs and toys to thrift stores, or sell them on consignment. When the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act goes into effect on February 10, however, these used articles upon w...

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A second life for books

One of my holiday gifts to myself was a pile of new books. Normally I try to go to the library or buy used books, but these are titles that weren't available used. Now that most of the pristine editions have been devoured, I've started thinking about the carbon footprint of these new books. The M...

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One Last Thought About the Holidays

Well, the holiday season is over. Lights were taken off the houses, menorahs were carefully wrapped and put away, and trees set on the sidewalks for recycling. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the post-holiday sales! My, I'm really going to miss all those advertisements for cars with really ...

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