Good News: Cleaner Air Extending Lives

It's always good to start off a Monday on a positive note. In a rare upbeat article about the environment, the New York Times says, Researchers at Brigham Young University examined changes in life expectancy in 51 metropolitan areas, comparing those figures with improvements in air quality in ea...

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The EPA Wants You to Think of the Super (Porcelain) Bowl

Forget the carbon footprint of all those chicken wings and hero sandwiches, and think about Super Bowl Sunday in terms of water. About 90 million people are expected to watch the Super Bowl--if everyone took a pit stop at half time, that would mean 300 million gallons flushing almost simultaneous...

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CDC Study: 1 in 200 Kids has Adopted a Vegetarian Diet

This article sure took me back... From Pass the tofu: 1 in 200 kids is vegetarian CDC study is government’s first estimate of how many children avoid meat: from article about CDC study Vegetarians say it’s animal welfare, not health, that most often causes kids to stop eating meat. “Compassion...

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Adults still not sinking teeth into vegetarian lifestyles

From Adults still not sinking teeth into vegetarian lifestyles Pittsburgh Post-Gazette A federal survey that showed 1 in 200 children have followed a vegetarian diet -- the first time numbers have been offered for people under 18 -- drew much attention earlier this week. But the news overlooked...

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Reusable Moving Bins: Save a Tree When You're on the Move

See this New York Times article, Moving Day Without All the Waste, about using rented, reusable bins to schlep belongings across town. The bins are sometimes even cheaper than buying cardboard boxes, but they are best for short-distance moves. As someone notes in the video, if a network like Uhau...

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The Compact: Stepping off the Consumer Grid this Year

Still looking for a New Year's Resolution? (Now is about the time that many first attempts have been discarded, so you may be looking for your second). Wanting to translate the inaugural euphoria about change into a personal commitment to live more meaningfully? Then check out The Compact. They a...

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Green America's Fixes from the Green Economy

In Green America's latest version of RealGreen, Alisa Gravitz's 7 Fixes from the Green Economy gives suggestions for rebuilding our flawed economy from the ground up. Some of these ideas are on the macro-level, like creating more green jobs. Others are changes you can make in your lifestyle. My ...

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6 Solutions from the Green Economy from Green America

Green America (formerly Co-op America) recently released an editorial, Solutions from the Green Economy. Author Alisa Gravitz argues for six green solutions to our economic crisis: Green energy/green jobs Clean energy victory bonds Reduce/reuse/rethink Go green and local Community investing...

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Triple Shot!

My husband and I decided to consume less alcohol and spend more time cooking in 2009. We also resolved to take a multivitamin each day and drink what we call a “triple shot”. A triple shot is a shot glass with a mixture of 3 liquids (2 tablespoons each) of chlorophyll, acidophilus, and calcium. W...

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The Threat of Convenience and Convenience Stores

Tom Laskawy from Grist had a great post today, Fighting Convenience, about McDonalds' continued expansion and what, if anything, can be done to stop fast food: When we talk about reform, about shutting down CAFOs, stopping GMOs, eliminating harmful pesticides and increasing consumption of fruits...

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