Some Clarity in Green Jobs Terminology

Yesterday's post about how "green jobs" terminology tends to be rather muddy led to the discovery of Morgan O'Donnell's Search for a Sustainable Occupation. Not only do her honest reflections show the highs and lows of all job searches, but she makes some helpful suggestions about green job seman...

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Recycled Building Materials: Tips and Quirky Designs for All Income Levels

Awhile back, I made the case for remembering to keep homelessness as a part of the national conversation about the environment. For many urban folks living on the streets, reduce, reuse, recycle is their mantra of survival. Homeless folks are only one facet of the national housing crisis, however...

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Oxymoron of the Day: Greener Convenience?

In an earlier blog post, The Threat of Convenience and Convenience Stores, I riffed off a Grist post about multitide of readily available consumer products that can easily sabotage any effort to eat greener or healthier. In the same post, I also admitted to an unhealthy fascination with Slurpees....

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Communicating the Urgency of Our Shrinking Biodiversity

"If we want to do something about future food crises, we should name them today, and name them properly. Problems unnamed or improperly named are problems left unsolved," writes guest blogger for Grist, Cary Fowler. This post, similar in nature to the one about naming the climate crisis, also in...

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Tags: Biodiversity, Disaster, Heirloom seed, Language, Marketing, Seed, Semantics

The Remote Control: Keeper of Stories, Waster of Resources?

This great quote about TV and resource use comes from Duane Elgin in Yes! Magazine, via No Impact Man: Someone once observed that people live by stories, including nations, and that if you can control people's stories, you don't need to control their armies or legislatures, because you already c...

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Green Jobs, Greenwashing, and the Importance of a Green Semantics

Joel Makower from asks an important question: "'Green jobs' has become a rallying cry for activists and politicians alike. They're soon to arrive, and in big numbers -- right?" Everyone is waiting to unwrap the "stimulus package," hoping that inside they will find a financial soluti...

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The Egg of Discord: Unclear Ethical Concerns Lead to Controversy

If you're among the majority of Americans and don't keep your own egg-laying hens, you may still want the most ethical egg that money can buy. The New York Times' article, Sorting Through the Claims of the Boastful Egg, can help demystify your egg purchases, distinguishing between the labeling a...

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Tags: Eggs, Ethics, Fair trade, Food, Local, Organic

The Refrigerator: Cause of Energy Waste or Solution to Food Waste?

The New York Times' article "Trashing the Fridge" was a great example of passionate environmentalists on both sides of an issue without a clear-cut right or wrong. For those on the anti-fridge side, coolers, maybe a small freezer, frequent trips to the grocery store and smart planning have helpe...

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Tags: Appliance efficiency, Culture, Food packaging, Food waste, Fridge, Refrigerator

Imagining the Climate Impact of Fast Food

Funny that just the other day I posted that menus could go farther than just posting calorie counts by including the carbon impact of each entree. Grist posted about the disconnect between fast food and its global ramifications today in much more graphic terms: "Fast food chains are part of a va...

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Dairy Cow Dreaming, New Zealand Style

The social hierarchy of a dairy herd is such that, if left to organize, they will be milked in the same order every day. The older, wiser cows jostle to the front of the herd. The younger, unruly members follow along reluctantly, offering the farmer a kick when possible. Like humans, cows menstru...

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