WEBINAR RECORDING: Media Break-a-thon

During this special webinar event, parents and educators learned how to deconstruct and "talk back" to commercials.

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The Atlantic: Can There Be a Less Materialist American Dream?

The scholar and cultural critic Juliet Schor argues that the once-niche opposition to hyper-consumerism is becoming more mainstream.

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WEBINAR RECORDING: Bag the Plastic Bag

Want to eliminate plastic bags in your community? Watch our webinar to learn how to get started, with examples from Washington, D.C. and Chicago.

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Kicking the Bottled Water Habit: How I Started My Own Water Bottle Company

A college senior shares his story of venturing into the unknown realm of entrepreneurship and product design to create a water bottle like no other.

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Mindfulness and Meditation for Kids

Mindfulness facilitator and mom Laurie Cousins shares some tips for New Dreamers on how to be more mindful.

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Meet the 2015 Neighborhood Challenge Winners

Learn more about our Challenge winners, five outstanding community groups that are working to make the New American Dream a reality.

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From Workaholic to Social Activist: A New Dream Story

Tabita Green didn’t plan to become a workaholic. It just kind of happened. But when her daughter became ill, she knew something had to change.

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Living the Dream: The Fowlds – Living Large with Less

After a neighbor’s oak tree fell on their custom-built dream house, Sean and Linda Fowlds decided to try out a more mobile lifestyle.

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Kids Unbranded Action Kit

Raising kids in today’s noisy, fast-paced culture can be difficult. Our Kids Unbranded Action Kit can help you navigate through the noise with practical, commercial-free alternatives.

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Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

Inspiring projects from around the U.S. have been made possible with grants from New Dream's Get2gether Neighborhood Challenge.

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