Being the Change: Silver Spring Time Bank Is Open for Business

A new time bank is working to kickstart the sharing movement in Silver Spring, Maryland.

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Indiana State University Magazine: Does the American Dream Still Exist?

A 2014 national survey by the Center for a New American Dream polled 1,872 people and found six common concepts considered “very or extremely” significant to the American dream.

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Bridal Rebellion: Podcast 026 – A Registry for People Who Don’t Want Stuff, with Edna Rienzi

Edna Rienzi, program coordinator at the Center for a New American Dream, has helped build one of the most useful wedding registries, the SoKind Registry.

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What Can A Satire from the 1950s Tell Us About Holiday Commercialism?

Did a holiday short story from 1956 predict today's rampant commercialism?

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Corvallis Gazette-Times: Earth Year: Keep Nature in Mind When Gift-Giving

As we enter a season of intense marketing to children, consider countering that with ideas from the Center for A New American Dream.

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U.S. News and World Report: The Health Benefits of Simple Living

...most American adults live with more stress than they think is healthy.... That doesn't seem to be a problem for “voluntary simplifiers,” who rank themselves lower on stress than a neutral midpoint, [Tim] Kasser's work with the Center for a New American Dream has found.

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Excerpt: Gus Speth's New Memoir, "Angels by the River"

A new memoir from New Dream board member and environmental legend Gus Speth examines how understanding the past can help shape the future.

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Excerpt: "Creating Community as We Grow Older"

Beth Baker's new book tackles the issues of community and aging in place, showing how neighbors can support one another as they grow older together.

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Pushing Back Against Rampant Commercialism

Executive Director Wendy Philleo offers her thoughts on fighting rampant commercialism and how best to push back against it.

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A New Kind of Community Finance

Community Sourced Capital is a new kind of financial system that empowers communities to fund the businesses they most care about.

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