How a Group of Kids Bagged the Disposable Bag in Boulder, Colorado

What decades of education and outreach couldn’t accomplish, a group of high school students could.

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Why the Toys You Choose Matter: Six Tips for Limiting Exposure to Commercialism and Encouraging Creative Play

Choosing toys and accessories carefully for your children can help them grow up to become smart consumers.

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WEBINAR RECORDING: Starting a Toy Lending Library

The webinar covers topics such as how to get started and how to build local support—with a special look at successful toy lending libraries in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Cleveland, Ohio.

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Building a More Connected Community, One Hour at a Time

At just one year old, the Silver Spring Timebank is already a proven leader in organizing community sharing events.

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Living the Dream: Bea Johnson, Zero Waste Guru

Bea inspires a growing community to live simply and take a stance against needless waste.

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Living the Dream: Evita Ochel, Consciousness Expansion Teacher

Evita talks about her work to help people optimize their well-being on all levels of the body, mind, and spirit.

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Why Give Up Chocolate for Lent When You Can Give Up Plastic?

It may seem impossible to stop using plastic. But with perseverance and a little creativity, it can be done.

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A Year of Buying Nothing New

A Denver mom resolves to go debt-free by buying nothing new (aside from a few necessities) for a full year.

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How a Gift Registry Is Being Used to Build Relationships and Strengthen Communities

Our audience has used SoKind Registry in new and creative ways that have surprised and inspired us. Maybe you have a great idea, too?

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How I Helped Set Up a Local Permaculture Park: Q&A with Neighborhood Challenge Winner Josh Dolan

Learn more about Dolan's effort to establish a Permaculture Park Project in Ithaca, New York.

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