Why Give Up Chocolate for Lent When You Can Give Up Plastic?

It may seem impossible to stop using plastic. But with perseverance and a little creativity, it can be done.

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A Year of Buying Nothing New

A Denver mom resolves to go debt-free by buying nothing new (aside from a few necessities) for a full year.

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How a Gift Registry Is Being Used to Build Relationships and Strengthen Communities

Our audience has used SoKind Registry in new and creative ways that have surprised and inspired us. Maybe you have a great idea, too?

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How I Helped Set Up a Local Permaculture Park: Q&A with Neighborhood Challenge Winner Josh Dolan

Learn more about Dolan's effort to establish a Permaculture Park Project in Ithaca, New York.

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6 Ways to Resist Kid-Targeted Advertising (and Save the Planet!)

Today’s consumer culture encourages materialistic values. Learn ways to fight back!

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Embracing Letting Go: Unintentional and Intentional Simplifying

Lisa Lukin realized that her unfulfilling life was only going to change if she intentionally created a new path. Here's her story.

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CTV News: Three Alternative Gifts When Scaling Back on Holiday Presents

Giving gifts of time or experience are among the suggestions to "Simplify the Holidays" in a free e-booklet provided by the Center for a New American Dream. An online registry developed by the organization offers the chance to formalize such requests.

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Wharton and Rubicon: How Green Is the Sharing Economy?

A 2014 survey by the Center for a New American Dream reported that a whopping 91% of Americans believe that “the way we live produces too much waste,” and 70% agree that, “we [Americans] consume more resources and produce more waste compared to other countries.”

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Bottled Water-Free Holidays: A First Step in Kicking the Bottled Water Habit

Trying to find a way to wean yourself off the bottle? Why not start with a holiday pledge.

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How to Ask for the Gifts You Really Want This Holiday Season

Do you get too much "stuff" over the holidays? Here are three ways that New Dreamers have transformed their gift-giving traditions.

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