Top 10 Ideas for a Screen-Free Summer Your Kids Will Love

Ditch the screen and try one of these proven ways to keep kids active and engaged all summer.

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Pop Goes the Community

How a temporary "pop-up" university helped bring a small Vermont town back to life.

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Living the Dream: "Mindful Minimalist" Tamela Rich

On a cross-country motorcycle trip, Tamela realized that she had spent her first 40 years overpacking for life.

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VIDEO: San Francisco Says No to Bottled Water

Learn about how San Francisco became the first major U.S. city to ban the sale and distribution of plastic water bottles on public property.

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Taking Over Advertising: Brandalism 2014

2 days. 10 U.K. cities. 365 corporate advertising spaces. 40 international artists.

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Living the Dream: Shayna Gladstone

Gladstone is the founder of Project Nuevo Mundo, an online platform seeking to catalyze planetary regeneration and individual transformation.

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Regional Coordinator Notebook: Rethinking Mother's Day

For Mother’s Day this year, we've partnered with a local business that upcycles materials and offers workshops for groups to come together and let creativity soar.

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Want a Garden? Easy Ways to Start for Non-Gardeners

Ready to put your green thumb to work? Check out these tips from actress and lifestyle expert Terra Wellington.

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Downsizing Stuff, Super-sizing Life

Jenna Brown's journey from suburban housewife to downsized city dweller—and tips for doing it yourself!

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Living the Dream: Psychologist and Blogger Suzita Cochran

Suzita Cochran's decision to choose a “time over money” lifestyle came from her work in psychology, where she learned in-depth what children need to thrive.

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