Hope for a New(er) Dream

As the Center for a New American Dream transitions to a new leadership model, outgoing Board Chair Holly Minch reflects on her time in service to the organization.

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Give Less, Give More

Mom and simple living expert Julie Fathy explains her "give less" approach to holiday gift giving, which honors the recipient, people, and the planet.

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Christmas 2016: Not Made in China

How one New Dreamer found meaning in finding and creating presents that reflect the true value of Christmas and family.

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Why the Elf on the Shelf Is Not Welcome in My House

New Dream's Edna Rienzi offers tips to help parents avoid the "slippery slope" of this popular Christmas tradition.

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Executive Director Tracy Bowen: My Year with New Dream

Departing executive director Tracy Bowen reflects on her role as "midwife" of New Dream's efforts to optimize its impact and streamline its operations.

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A Light at the End of the Black Friday Tunnel

The Black Friday shopping frenzy has become extreme enough that even a handful of retailers themselves are protesting against it.

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Changes Ahead for New Dream

As we approach our 20-year anniversary, we are pleased to share some exciting developments at the Center for a New American Dream.

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Opt for a Greener, Simpler Halloween

Halloween is big business. But why not direct your energy, spending, and creativity toward a greener, simpler holiday?

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7 Ways to Build Sane and Sustainable Money Habits

Help your kids stay on track with money management by having a clear, values-based plan.

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How to Hook Kids into Civic Engagement

Looking for a way to get your kids more involved in the community? There's an easy place to start.

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