VIDEO: The Berkeley Tool Lending Library

Need a drill or a ladder? What if you could just borrow one from the library?

In more and more places around the country, you can. The Berkeley Tool Lending Library, one of the first in the country, carries thousands of tools that community members can borrow for free. In this video, Tool Lending Specialist Adam Broner gives New Dream a tour of the library, discusses its benefits to the community, and explains why he loves his job.

The video is part of the Guide to Sharing, the first in a series of guides that New Dream is producing for our new Community Action Kit.

About the Community Action Kit

The New Dream Community Action Kit is a creative, fun, and easy-to-use online Kit that promotes collective action and civic engagement to build more sustainable, healthier, and happier communities. The Kit consists of a series of guides to help people around the country organize and implement projects in their own neighborhoods. Each guide is divided into four “Action Idea” sections, each containing a written introduction, step-by-step tips for how to carry out that action, and a video featuring a successful community case study. The guide concludes with a listing of recommended resources and organizations.

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