AM Inspiration: The Lunch Break and Other Endangered Species

For many people, Friday is the end of the work week and sometimes the most hectic day as projects are wrapped up before the weekend. Continuing our "break" theme from yesterday, I wanted to visit a lesser-known corner of 20th century psychology, transactional analysis, as conceived by Dr. Eric Be...

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What to do if your office doesn't recycle

Many of us have been there. Staying late in the office, we've chatted with the cleanup crews emptying the office waste cans when the thought occurred to us: "Where do those recyclables really end up?" At one previous job it suddenly struck me that all waste--whether from blue recycling bins or tr...

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Tags: Building, Cooperaton, Office, Paper, Recycling, Team, Waste, Workplace

Your Office Holiday Party Doesn't Have to Be Lame (Even in a Recession)

As recently as last year, the holiday office party was a really big deal in England, where drinking to excess and even injury is considered almost a patriotic duty (see the Washington Post: In Britain, A Respected, If Rowdy, Holiday Ritual), but the US has its share of jokes about indiscretions a...

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