Trash is in the eye of the beholder

In honor of National Zero Waste Week I would like to share two stories of men who created beautiful things out of trash. Competing against 282 artists to win the Waikato Museum Contemporary Art Award in New Zealand, Dane Mitchell walked away with a $15,000 prize money. What exactly was his maste...

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A Forest Grows in Brooklyn

A miracle has happened in Brooklyn, New York! To most Brooklyn residents, Fountain Avenue Landfill was seen as a dump. There have been many complaints on how the landfill causes health problems and was an unpleasant sight for people who drove or walked by the dump. Recently New York City's Enviro...

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Should your city enact a fine for not recycling properly?

Treehugger has been following San Francisco's move to reprimand those who don't recycle--with a stiff fine. City officials are now about to make recycling and composting mandatory for each and every San Franciscan. And if they don't comply? They can say hello to a $500 fine—it's the first time i...

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Food Expiration News and Soy Products

Jonathan Bloom's Wasted Food Blog is always a great resource for an issue that affects institutions, restaurants and individuals alike: how to organize ourselves so that we use the best of food before it becomes its own doppelganger. One of the strengths of the blog is that he references other co...

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The Volunteer Spirit, Seen Across Cultures

The New York Times had an article about volunteer street cleanup in Pakistan. “The youth of Pakistan wants to change things,” said Shahram Azhar, the lead singer for Laal, a Pakistani rock band, reflecting an attitude that is typical of this rebellious younger generation. “The reason the Taliba...

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Trash Destinations: Ship Breaking Workers in Bangladesh

In the U.S., we have our own sense of environmental changes. Cities like Atlanta are dealing with a water shortage; dry states are getting dryer; coastal cities feel even more threatened by hurricanes. On the positive side, some rural areas are experiencing a renaissance of the small farm, and ur...

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NYPD Green: Teaching Respect for the Environment, One Summons at a Time

On the New York City streets, polluters are learning to fear green-uniformed environmental protection police. It would make a great addition to the number of crime procedural TV shows set in the city: watch the officers crack down on undersize trout! Watch them in a sting operation on a supermark...

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The Economy (and History) of Recycling

Every once in awhile I come across an article that answers a lot of lingering questions: Why do I feel like recycling is so important even though reducing is also key to helping the environment? Is the nation in danger of taking the path chosen by New York City a few years ago, and discontinuin...

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Banning the Plastic Bag: The Voice of the Industry

Most of us know by now: the plastic bag is bad for the earth. This disposable container that lasts hundreds of years in the landfill is an unnecessary source of waste and a guzzler of oil. Could there be any upside to churning out more single-use bags? The industry says there is. The New York Tim...

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Trash lives a second life as art

Canada's recent ban on plastic baby bottles containing BPA was one of those events that highlights the wisdom of keeping a green lifestyle. Unlike a statistic about climate change, this story was about the other endangered planet that each of us must protect: the human body. It reminded me of a C...

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