It's Time for Millennium Consumption Goals

I read yesterday that a Sri Lankan scientist is calling for the drafting of “Millennium Consumption Goals” to help rich countries curb their climate-damaging consumption habits. It's a fantastic idea—but what would these MCGs include?

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Welcome to the walking school bus

School buses...terminally unhip or ripe for a green-over? Elizabeth Wilson, a transportation researcher at the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota notes there is a change in school transportation for several reasons: "a rise in car ownership; one-child families, o...

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Dream, Explore, Bicycle: Low Cost, Low Impact, and Absolutely Inspiring

If you’re craving affordable travel, low-impact adventure, more meaningful connections with your family and friends, or simply some time to breathe, consider taking a bicycle tour! There are lots of ways to get started: plan a simple overnight adventure, map out a weekend getaway, or rally some f...

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Thinking About the Future

If you have traveled lately on an airplane, one thing that you will hear is: This is the last time I am flying ever! For some of us it cost or environmental considerations. For others it might be the sheer unpleasantness of the process or delayed or cancelled flights. It simply is not fun to fly ...

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Car Wash Techniques to Help the Environment

Though nature has been providing its own waterworks this year, one of the suburban signs of summer is the dedicated car owner, lovingly scrubbing his or her vehicle in the driveway. The sight has always seemed quaint and sort of nice to me, the way any instance of someone taking care of the mater...

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