AM Inspiration: Midweek Simplicity - The Particular Dignity of Soap

Wednesday--the middle of the hectic workweek--seems like a good day to regularly honor the virtue of simplicity. Today's post is about a pet cause of mine: soap. Not that I'm against soap, by any means, but in my lifetime I've witnessed such growth in the personal care products industry that the ...

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Villains "Phantom Energy" and "Vampire Plugs" Steal 10 Burritos Every Year

Use That Leaking Energy for Something More Productive I know that all my co-workers at New Dream are getting creeped out because I talk about Phantom Energy and Vampire Plugs nonstop. I send out regular emails reminding people to turn off their power strips at night and every time we have a new ...

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The Compact: Stepping off the Consumer Grid this Year

Still looking for a New Year's Resolution? (Now is about the time that many first attempts have been discarded, so you may be looking for your second). Wanting to translate the inaugural euphoria about change into a personal commitment to live more meaningfully? Then check out The Compact. They a...

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Update on Sale of Recycled Clothing

An earlier post discussed the coming regulations for children's clothing and toys, designed to protect them from lead and phthalates. See this update from the Consumer Product Safety Commission: Sellers of used children’s products, such as thrift stores and consignment stores, are not req...

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Sales of Used Clothing for Kids to Hit a Snag After Feb. 9

Children outgrow clothes and even toys so quickly that many parents either buy clothing used, donate their gently-used togs and toys to thrift stores, or sell them on consignment. When the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act goes into effect on February 10, however, these used articles upon w...

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Regift for charity and other year-end donations

Once the gifts were all opened, right in the middle of holiday thankfulness, you may have experienced a twinge: "Where am I going to put all this stuff?" Or perhaps certain items made you want to say, "You shouldn't have." With more stuff coming in the door during the holidays, it's only natural ...

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History and Hope: When green was called frugal

Source: FDR Presidential Library and Museum Any time America experiences an economic downturn, people use the Great Depression as a yardstick: What shade of gray is our today compared to Black Tuesday? Poking around the internet I was surprised to see how many articles popped up proclaiming the ...

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Pulling the Cord on the Buy-Dispose Treadmill

During my days living in the dusty southwest, cruising the alleyways for treasure was a favorite pastime and, believe it or not, a fairly common one in my circle. So, when getting around on my red Schwinn Collegiate, I took the less scenic route to see if there was something I just couldn't live...

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