As Lovely as a Synthetic Tree? Geoengineering Might Capture Much of Our C02

It is a rare bit of news that offers a positive development on the global warming front. And an even rarer article that can explain carbon dioxide capture in layperson's terms. The NYT Green Inc. blog talked with Columbia geophysicist Klaus Lackner about just what these synthetic trees are, anywa...

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Living Well, Connecting Thoughtfully, How You Can Help

As New Dream has been rethinking our social networking strategies, I've been revisiting what this internet thing is supposed to be for, anyway. It's something many of us probably wonder while we rush from email to Facebook and now to Twitter...How do these extra responsibilities that we've added ...

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The Next Green Light Bulb: Just a Trend?

So you've gone ahead and switched from incandescent bulbs to CFLs. Is there another big home lighting switch just around the corner? Incandescent bulbs have been through a few transformations since their invention in the 1850s, but they are still very inefficient, losing about 80% of their energ...

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