Charge It to My Green Credit Card

Last month, I came across a Reuters article in Mother Nature Network that discussed the benefits of a new “green credit card” in South Korea. I have to admit it sounds exciting, but the cynic in me also has to respond.

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The New vs. the Renewed: Something to Hold On To

Thrift shopping has been a way of life for me for a long time. I've grown to value a garment or household item with a few imperfections more highly than I would a new one. Imagining what unknown recipes a wooden spoon was used for prior to arriving in my kitchen adds something to my life. My love...

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NYT Reporter Asks Economists About the Future of Consumer Culture

A few days ago, New York Times reporter and Dot Earth blogger Andrew C. Revkin asked a handful of prominent economists what they thought about evidence showing a substantial and sustained cooling of consumer spending habits. In addition to Nobel laureate, Kenneth J. Arrow, a few others weighed in...

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AM Inspiration: Midweek Simplicity - The Particular Dignity of Soap

Wednesday--the middle of the hectic workweek--seems like a good day to regularly honor the virtue of simplicity. Today's post is about a pet cause of mine: soap. Not that I'm against soap, by any means, but in my lifetime I've witnessed such growth in the personal care products industry that the ...

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Living a year without spending

How often do you buy presents for your loved ones? Valentine's Day, birthdays, anniversaries, winter holidays...and the list goes on and on. As each year passes by, doesn't it get more difficult to buy practical gifts for your friends and family members? Gift-giving holidays are just one kind of ...

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Wal-mart Launches Sustainability Index

Lot of chatter in the enviro press lately about Wal-mart's new Sustainability Index, and possible plans to establish a sustainability label for the products it sells, somewhat akin to nutrition labels currently on food packaging. Yes, you say, but it's Wal-mart. Time was, the two corporations m...

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Recycling Strip Malls: Reinvisioning Public Space

I've always thought there was nothing sadder than a strip mall. In the Southeastern United States where I grew up, the steadily encroaching tide of flat generic architecture has washed over pristine forests...and in many cases, washed back with the changing population, leaving abandoned retail hu...

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Micro-activism: Local Foods

I usually try to change my behavior as a first step in understanding issues and inspiring change. I never tell people that they should do what I’m doing, but I always explain why I’m doing it. If nothing else, it gives my friends and me something to talk about over craft beers. With the upcoming...

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Take the Sustainable Food Budget Challenge

The Crunchy Chicken is full of down-to-earth tips for real people who want to live greener. She came up with a great challenge for the month of April, one that makes sense to most of us in this economy. The Sustainable Food Budget Challenge Her rules: 1. If not LOCALLY PRODUCED, then Organic. ...

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Is it greener to shop online?

Last week, the New York Times published an article about eBay's green initiatives, "As Earth Day Nears, eBay Shows Its Green Side." The article quotes Michael Brune, the executive director of the activist group Rainforest Action Network. “A lot of the things sold on eBay are new merchandise, and...

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