Charge It to My Green Credit Card

Last month, I came across a Reuters article in Mother Nature Network that discussed the benefits of a new “green credit card” in South Korea. I have to admit it sounds exciting, but the cynic in me also has to respond.

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The New vs. the Renewed: Something to Hold On To

Thrift shopping has been a way of life for me for a long time. I've grown to value a garment or household item with a few imperfections more highly than I would a new one. Imagining what unknown recipes a wooden spoon was used for prior to arriving in my kitchen adds something to my life. My love...

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Living a year without spending

How often do you buy presents for your loved ones? Valentine's Day, birthdays, anniversaries, winter holidays...and the list goes on and on. As each year passes by, doesn't it get more difficult to buy practical gifts for your friends and family members? Gift-giving holidays are just one kind of ...

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Recycling Strip Malls: Reinvisioning Public Space

I've always thought there was nothing sadder than a strip mall. In the Southeastern United States where I grew up, the steadily encroaching tide of flat generic architecture has washed over pristine forests...and in many cases, washed back with the changing population, leaving abandoned retail hu...

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The Give List

Now is time of truth. The last few days before the holidays are when simplicity is most likely to be tested. Unexpected last-minute gifts may arrive, forcing us to make fast decisions about expectations for reciprocity from family and friends. Parties that have been planned for are now taking pla...

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Holiday shopping--just don't

Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Turn them away this year. By Dr. Juliet Schor, reprinted from the Los Angeles Times (edited from original) As if American consumers don't already have enough on their minds, we've just had Black Friday with Cyber Monday still to come, the nation's annual rituals ...

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Before Eggnog: Holiday highs, lows, and the simple path in between

Holiday shopping may appeal to your instincts, but you can don't have to obey. It's begun. The local drugstore is my gauge for the passage of the retail seasons: during the "Valentine season" (which seems to get longer and more elaborate every year), motion-activated stuffed bears wave their arm...

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