The New vs. the Renewed: Something to Hold On To

Thrift shopping has been a way of life for me for a long time. I've grown to value a garment or household item with a few imperfections more highly than I would a new one. Imagining what unknown recipes a wooden spoon was used for prior to arriving in my kitchen adds something to my life. My love...

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Tags: Family, Reuse, Shopping, Texture, Thrift shopping

Recycling Water: A Lesson from Singapore

We never know the worth of water till the well is dry. ~Thomas Fuller, Gnomologia, 1732 Water shortage is a major environmental issues throughout the world. Despite international treaties that are meant to distribute a fair share of water among neighboring nations many politicians and environmen...

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Tags: Asia, Conservation, Rainwater, Recycle, Reuse

National Zero Waste Week

The UK site My Zero Waste has declared National Zero Waste Week--how can it be different than every other week? We in the US struggle with reducing waste just as much as our neighbors across the pond, and like them we can follow some simple tips for reducing waste. Pack a zero waste lunch. Bring...

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Car Wash Techniques to Help the Environment

Though nature has been providing its own waterworks this year, one of the suburban signs of summer is the dedicated car owner, lovingly scrubbing his or her vehicle in the driveway. The sight has always seemed quaint and sort of nice to me, the way any instance of someone taking care of the mater...

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Submit Your Trash (and Art, Crafts, Video) to the Smart Art Competition

Have you been privately honing your DIY skills on items from your trash...egg crates, bottles, phone books? Do you look at a bunch of yogurt containers and see a lamp? Now is the time to share your talents with the world. Enter the Adventure Ecology and Sculpt the Future Foundation’s SMART...

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Tags: Art, Contest, Craft, Diy, Recycle, Reuse

New Life for Old Paper: DIY Instructions

You may have drastically cut down on your junk mail, but a few stray pieces always seem to get through. Even if you've reduced your paper use to the absolute minimum, paper clutter may still be collecting around the house. You can always recycle, but there are some fun craft projects for reusing ...

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Tags: Art, Craft, Diy, Paper, Project, Reuse

Half-Full or Half-Empty, Halving Your Lifstyle Could Be a Good Thing

I came across this cool thing called "The Half Plan" in the context of some solar lighting research. A plan that helps you "cut your energy use, energy cost, and C02 Emissions in half" sounds like a triple-win scenario. The site gives details about cost investment for each project, estimating tha...

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Tags: Diet, Energy, Goal, Green lifestyle, Half, Home, Recycle, Reduce, Reuse

Skateboards to Benefit New Dream Through STAY VOCAL

STAY VOCAL is "the voice of a progressive, positive, reusing world." Have you ever had a close friend or perhaps a cousin that you thought of as a mirror image of you...with a twist? STAY VOCAL is like New Dream's hip, streetwise cousin, with very much the same values (treading lightly upon the ...

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Tags: Alex eaves, Auction, Partners, Reuse, Skateboard, Stay vocal

The Compact: Stepping off the Consumer Grid this Year

Still looking for a New Year's Resolution? (Now is about the time that many first attempts have been discarded, so you may be looking for your second). Wanting to translate the inaugural euphoria about change into a personal commitment to live more meaningfully? Then check out The Compact. They a...

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Tags: Budget, Consumption, Reuse, Second-hand, Thrift

The Key is to Reduce

One of the ideas we stress here at The Center for the New American Dream is being a responsible consumer - someone who thinks critically about the full impact of what they are purchasing. The drawing above illustrates this principle by actually ranking the three R's - reduce, reuse, and recycle. ...

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