What to do if your office doesn't recycle

Many of us have been there. Staying late in the office, we've chatted with the cleanup crews emptying the office waste cans when the thought occurred to us: "Where do those recyclables really end up?" At one previous job it suddenly struck me that all waste--whether from blue recycling bins or tr...

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Soapnuts: The nut that gets your clothes clean

Happily, there are many greener ways to wash your clothes thes days, which are an improvement on the fragrance-, dye- and phosphate-filled potions of yore. Many of these newer, eco-friendlier products come in plastic bottles, however, and are made out of ingredient lists longer than you may be co...

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The Economy (and History) of Recycling

Every once in awhile I come across an article that answers a lot of lingering questions: Why do I feel like recycling is so important even though reducing is also key to helping the environment? Is the nation in danger of taking the path chosen by New York City a few years ago, and discontinuin...

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