Socrates and the Win/Fail of Everyday Life

Death declines during depressions, reports Mother Jones' Blue Marble Blog. Blogger Julia Whitty traces the causality back to the stressful working habits, overindulgent fast-food eating practices, and increases in cardiovascular and respiratory deaths related to atmospheric pollution. This all g...

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Squeaking by on $300,000 a Year - A Portrait of Two Economies

If you haven't read the Washington Post's article about the hidden effects of the recession upon families that seem to have it all, or the comments, it's a must-read. For many of us, $300,000 is much more than our yearly household income, so the article's descriptions of an affluent community's s...

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Villains "Phantom Energy" and "Vampire Plugs" Steal 10 Burritos Every Year

Use That Leaking Energy for Something More Productive I know that all my co-workers at New Dream are getting creeped out because I talk about Phantom Energy and Vampire Plugs nonstop. I send out regular emails reminding people to turn off their power strips at night and every time we have a new ...

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Spreading the Wealth Without Spending a Dime: Donate sports equipment and bicycles

Here's another installment of our periodic feature on how to be generous, even during a recession. It might be a casualty of a fitness resolution unkept, or maybe stuff outgrown by your kids, but if you have sports equipment gathering dust in your basement, you can donate it to charity. Hauling...

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Shabby Chic: The beginning or the end of an era?

In Today's New York Times the article Conspicuous Consumption, a Casualty of Recession discusses how all this economic crisis talk has seeped up into the well-off echelons of society through the capillary action of uncertainty...or is it style? One woman who could afford to do otherwise yet skip...

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Staying ahead of the curve while cutting back

A letter from the Executive Director The Center for a New American Dream, like so many other non-profits, faces some stressful financial uncertainty as volatile markets and talk of total financial meltdown dominate the public discourse. At the same time, we are perhaps, perfectly positioned. As ...

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