AM Inspiration: Hedonometers and the Balance Sheet of the Mind

At this very minute, a hedonometer is at work, perhaps about to add this post to its calculations about the happiest and saddest days across the internet. If scientists have always had a hard time measuring something as objective as happiness, why would researchers Peter Dodds and Chris Danforth ...

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Living Well, Connecting Thoughtfully, How You Can Help

As New Dream has been rethinking our social networking strategies, I've been revisiting what this internet thing is supposed to be for, anyway. It's something many of us probably wonder while we rush from email to Facebook and now to Twitter...How do these extra responsibilities that we've added ...

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Carbon Footprint of the Internet, and Cutting Carbon by Fighting Spam

Is it hypocritical to blog about reigning in the carbon footprint of internet? Treehugger posted recently about Google's comparison of the carbon emissions from google searches to that of other commmodities: apparently, a cheeseburger equals 15,000 searches: But when you think about how little ...

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Is it greener to shop online?

Last week, the New York Times published an article about eBay's green initiatives, "As Earth Day Nears, eBay Shows Its Green Side." The article quotes Michael Brune, the executive director of the activist group Rainforest Action Network. “A lot of the things sold on eBay are new merchandise, and...

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