AM Inspiration: Hedonometers and the Balance Sheet of the Mind

At this very minute, a hedonometer is at work, perhaps about to add this post to its calculations about the happiest and saddest days across the internet. If scientists have always had a hard time measuring something as objective as happiness, why would researchers Peter Dodds and Chris Danforth ...

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Carbon Footprint of the Internet, and Cutting Carbon by Fighting Spam

Is it hypocritical to blog about reigning in the carbon footprint of internet? Treehugger posted recently about Google's comparison of the carbon emissions from google searches to that of other commmodities: apparently, a cheeseburger equals 15,000 searches: But when you think about how little ...

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The Internet Evolution of Valentine's Day: American's Online Relationship

Several years ago, I remember noticing Valentine's Day suddenly became a huge deal. Starting in late January, everyone was talking about what they were going to buy. Even acquaintances with children discussing what each child would receive as if the holidays were starting up all over again. At f...

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