Deconstructing Building Deconstruction

"Demolish" an old restaurant for $50-70,000, and all you're left with is a bunch of junk that's headed to the landfill. "Deconstruct" the same old restaurant for the same price tag, and the result is a bunch of useful materials that can be used to construct a new business--in this case, a new Sa...

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Carpets: Soft Under Your Toes, Long-Lasting in the Landfill

You may already know that carpets can be hazardous to your health...if you have dust mite allergies. What you may not realize is how toxic carpets are to the earth. The vast majority of carpets are plastic, and most of those end up in the landfill. The New York Times has the story: The E.P.A. es...

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Half-Full or Half-Empty, Halving Your Lifstyle Could Be a Good Thing

I came across this cool thing called "The Half Plan" in the context of some solar lighting research. A plan that helps you "cut your energy use, energy cost, and C02 Emissions in half" sounds like a triple-win scenario. The site gives details about cost investment for each project, estimating tha...

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