How green is the dyed-green Chicago River?

Every year a bunch of journeymen plumbers in Chicago use a secret recipe to dye the river green, on the day much of the city goes bonkers over the St. Patrick's Day Parade. It's nice to see people having a good time, but it's also registered as one of those, "ooh, I don't want to know what they'r...

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Regift for charity and other year-end donations

Once the gifts were all opened, right in the middle of holiday thankfulness, you may have experienced a twinge: "Where am I going to put all this stuff?" Or perhaps certain items made you want to say, "You shouldn't have." With more stuff coming in the door during the holidays, it's only natural ...

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The Handmade Touch

As I wrote in a previous post, secretly, I love to give gifts. Ironically, the holiday pressure to buy kind of turns off this urge, but the rest of the year, for birthdays, Mother's Day, or no occasion at all, searching for—and finding—the gift that says, "This is exactly to your tast...

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