Completing the Spectrum: From Emerson’s Rainbow to the Green Movement

John Muir, naturalist Does setting aside one day a year for the earth really mean anything? According to the Environmental Protection Agency, just one Earth Day forever changed Americans' attitudes: "Public opinion polls indicate that a permanent change in national priorities followed Earth Day ...

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Living in Interesting Times

The Great Depression has been mentioned a lot recently – Google searches on the subject have risen sharply in the past couple months. The Depression and its Black Tuesday – October 29, 1929, the day of the stock market crash that signaled the beginning of the economic downturn that was to last ov...

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The Green Economy: Win-Win Rather Than Either/Or

In uncertain times we tend to be more conservative, harking back to earlier recessions for tried and true remedies, or speaking in terms of limitation and tightening our belts. While these approaches may be valuable to our country right now, it's nice to know that sometimes the government need ...

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Finding our Victory Gardens

"The speed of [the] conversion from a peacetime to a wartime economy is stunning," Lester Brown of the Earth Policy Institute writes of the US mobilization for the war effort during World War II. "The harnessing of U.S. industrial power tipped the scales decisively toward the Allied Forces, rever...

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History and Hope: When green was called frugal

Source: FDR Presidential Library and Museum Any time America experiences an economic downturn, people use the Great Depression as a yardstick: What shade of gray is our today compared to Black Tuesday? Poking around the internet I was surprised to see how many articles popped up proclaiming the ...

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As American as Heirloom Seeds: Buying local foods is part of a rich green tradition

Walk in to your local chain organic market and you may be fooled by the fluorescent lights and sleek modern atmosphere. Though stores like Whole Foods do their best to show the connections between the food on their shelves and where it came from, the environmentally-conscious supermarket's very e...

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