Millennium Consumption Goals—Part 2

The Millennium Consumption Goals are moving forward—and thanks to all the great comments we received, they’re getting more nuanced too!

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Fight Germs the Natural Way

This past weekend President Obama declared swine flu (H1N1 virus) as a national emergency outbreak. Before you rush out and buy harsh and unnatural soap to fight against the virus, keep in mind the recent studies showing that antibacterial soap is no better than traditional soap in helping preven...

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Tallying the True Costs of Fossil Fuels

Monday, the New York Times reported that a National Academy of Sciences study tallied the cost of burning fossil fuels and found that it was running the county about $120 billion dollars each year. That price tag is based almost entirely on health care costs and thousands of premature deaths from...

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Socrates and the Win/Fail of Everyday Life

Death declines during depressions, reports Mother Jones' Blue Marble Blog. Blogger Julia Whitty traces the causality back to the stressful working habits, overindulgent fast-food eating practices, and increases in cardiovascular and respiratory deaths related to atmospheric pollution. This all g...

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DEET may be potentially toxic to humans

DEET was developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture scientists just after World War II. Thus the product has been on the market for at least fifty years. DEET can be sold as lotion, cream, and spray products. DEET is most commonly used to ward off pests during a camping trip and to prevent m...

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AM Inspiration: O magic sleep! O comfortable bird - John Keats

Are you getting enough sleep, and is it something to lose any sleep over? Depending on who you listen to, Americans are sleep-deprived to the extent that it affects our wellbeing, or we're doing okay. A National Geographic article, "U.S. Racking Up Huge Sleep Debt", connected Americans' fewer-tha...

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Parsley Plays a Starring Role in Rapunzel, Salads

As those of you who know your fairy tales might remember, parsley plays a pivotal role in Rapunzel. The expectant mother craves the herb (known in Germany as Rapunzel-Glockenblume) so acutely that she (or in some versions, her husband), steals some from a witch's garden. The witch uses the theft ...

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Green Dieting Without Gimmicks: Seeking a Healthy Relationship to Food

Food is as essential to the environmental movement as it is to life. From genetically modified and organic produce, deforestation and meat consumption, transport and fossil fuels, packaging and paper/ waste, food cuts across our most basic relationship to the environment. Perhaps no o...

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Should cooling homes efficiently be a priority?

Part of the stimulus package is going to the weatherization of homes across the country, something the federal government has been doing since the 1970s for low-income people, according to the New York Times. This time, there's a difference. A greater portion of the program's money is going towa...

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Why We Have a Coke and a Smile

An article in Civil Eats today brought up a subject I've been trying to avoid: soda addiction. It's a subject covered in this blog before: why is it so hard to kick the soda habit? In my own case, soda addiction is something I really do struggle with. Since dietary restrictions keep me from drink...

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