Rosie Puts on a Green Shirt: Feminist icon signs up for the environmental movement

Right around the time the recession hit, my thoughts turned to Rosie as a symbol of strength in adversity. Today I was reading about the laudable efforts the US Army is making to track its carbon "bootprint" and happened upon a new Rosie, a green Rosie sporting a tattoo and looking just as tough ...

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The Great Twinkie Bailout

These days you hear a lot about bailouts, for good and for ill. What you may not have heard is that Interstate Bakeries, the maker of the immortal Twinkie, got their own bailout-- to the tune of $600 million dollars. Treehugger has the story from the New York Times. Apparently, the bakery couldn...

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Some Clarity in Green Jobs Terminology

Yesterday's post about how "green jobs" terminology tends to be rather muddy led to the discovery of Morgan O'Donnell's Search for a Sustainable Occupation. Not only do her honest reflections show the highs and lows of all job searches, but she makes some helpful suggestions about green job seman...

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Green Jobs, Greenwashing, and the Importance of a Green Semantics

Joel Makower from asks an important question: "'Green jobs' has become a rallying cry for activists and politicians alike. They're soon to arrive, and in big numbers -- right?" Everyone is waiting to unwrap the "stimulus package," hoping that inside they will find a financial soluti...

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The Green Economy: Win-Win Rather Than Either/Or

In uncertain times we tend to be more conservative, harking back to earlier recessions for tried and true remedies, or speaking in terms of limitation and tightening our belts. While these approaches may be valuable to our country right now, it's nice to know that sometimes the government need ...

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