Matchmaker Service for Leftovers: A Win-Win

No, we're not talking about a dating service for your leftover casseroles, although The Left-Over Queen does run a forum where you can get advice about new uses for day-old foods. Jonathan Bloom's Wasted Food Blog has some good news for the many Americans visiting soup kitchens and food pantries...

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Green Kitchen Fodder

I am new to independent living. I only recently departed my lovely college campus where I could easily hop into the dining hall when I wanted a meal. I also lived in on-campus housing, which meant I paid a flat rate for the semester no matter what utilities cost. Thus, I had no incentive to be su...

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Food Expiration Dates: Suggestion, or Drop-Dead Date?

Part of trying to live greener is learning to see shades of gray. That seems to be the lesson many environmentally-minded folks are telling us, including a great post today from Treehugger: Expired Food is Much Desired. Apparently, the UK's Approved Foods site is doing a bustling online business ...

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The Refrigerator: Cause of Energy Waste or Solution to Food Waste?

The New York Times' article "Trashing the Fridge" was a great example of passionate environmentalists on both sides of an issue without a clear-cut right or wrong. For those on the anti-fridge side, coolers, maybe a small freezer, frequent trips to the grocery store and smart planning have helpe...

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Visions of Sugarplums: Sweet Excess During the Holidays

For neither an abundance of waste nor an abundance of waist, you can still pass on the cheer while taking a pass on the food. Over Thanksgiving, I read An Abundance of Food, Wasted, a New York Times editorial by Jonathan Bloom, who is a journalist and a blogger on the excellent Wasted Food blog....

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