Matchmaker Service for Leftovers: A Win-Win

No, we're not talking about a dating service for your leftover casseroles, although The Left-Over Queen does run a forum where you can get advice about new uses for day-old foods. Jonathan Bloom's Wasted Food Blog has some good news for the many Americans visiting soup kitchens and food pantries...

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Green Kitchen Fodder

I am new to independent living. I only recently departed my lovely college campus where I could easily hop into the dining hall when I wanted a meal. I also lived in on-campus housing, which meant I paid a flat rate for the semester no matter what utilities cost. Thus, I had no incentive to be su...

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Link Roundup: Developing Nations, Food, and Petitions

Back after a bit of a hiatus from dealing with other projects, there's a lot of interesting news to catch up on. Developing a Greener Third World: "the ideal incubator for the sorts of clean-technology innovations." (NYT) "Climate Change is Sexist" (Grist) There's a petition going around askin...

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The UN on Food Waste: Room for Improvement

The United Nations Environment Programme released a report about food waste last week, warning that half the world's food is wasted due to human inefficiency. Putting that stark fact against the backdrop of climate change, increasing human population, decreasing biodiversity and lower crop yield...

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Food Expiration Dates: Suggestion, or Drop-Dead Date?

Part of trying to live greener is learning to see shades of gray. That seems to be the lesson many environmentally-minded folks are telling us, including a great post today from Treehugger: Expired Food is Much Desired. Apparently, the UK's Approved Foods site is doing a bustling online business ...

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The Refrigerator: Cause of Energy Waste or Solution to Food Waste?

The New York Times' article "Trashing the Fridge" was a great example of passionate environmentalists on both sides of an issue without a clear-cut right or wrong. For those on the anti-fridge side, coolers, maybe a small freezer, frequent trips to the grocery store and smart planning have helpe...

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Visions of Sugarplums: Sweet Excess During the Holidays

For neither an abundance of waste nor an abundance of waist, you can still pass on the cheer while taking a pass on the food. Over Thanksgiving, I read An Abundance of Food, Wasted, a New York Times editorial by Jonathan Bloom, who is a journalist and a blogger on the excellent Wasted Food blog....

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The Great Lunchbox Debate

If you’re a parent of school-aged children, you’ve probably read a lot about the truly terrible quality of the food that is served to children in school cafeterias all across the county. Thanks to concerns about rising obesity rates among children, as well as the growth of the local food movement...

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How I Discovered Vermicomposting

Contributing author Rebecca Goodstein is the Conservation Journeys Manager at The Nature Conservancy. As I write this, there are 1,000 worms in my kitchen eating my garbage. Some people have cats, dogs or hamsters as pets--“ I have a container filled with organic waste-loving, rubbish-chomping r...

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