The New vs. the Renewed: Something to Hold On To

Thrift shopping has been a way of life for me for a long time. I've grown to value a garment or household item with a few imperfections more highly than I would a new one. Imagining what unknown recipes a wooden spoon was used for prior to arriving in my kitchen adds something to my life. My love...

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Vacations Matter - to Individuals and the Economy

Our nation is facing some serious challenges, so we need to hunker down and work hard, and put aside such frivolous topics as vacations...right? It may not seem so at first, but vacations have a lot to do with the health of our economy, along with the well-being of the individual workers who dri...

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Cheap Green Adventures: Go On a Plant Safari

The Washington Post had an article this weekend about "Name That Plant," suggesting that gardeners test their knowledge about the environment by trying to name the plants they encounter in backyards or beyond. It reminded me of something I read, a memoir by a novelist who recounted spending time...

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Never Too Early for a (Green) Halloween

Thinking about Halloween early has its advantages: You're sure to have the best-planned costume The tips you learn from Green Halloween can be used all year round New Dream has written about simplifying gift-giving holidays in our Simplify the Holidays booklet, and you can create an Alternativ...

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The Activist Roots of Mother's Day

Good news for jewelers, card retailers, restaurants, and flower shops around the country: a major sales boom is just around the corner! According to the National Restaurant Association, Mother’s Day is the most popular day for Americans to dine out; market research firm IBIS reports that American...

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The Handmade Touch

As I wrote in a previous post, secretly, I love to give gifts. Ironically, the holiday pressure to buy kind of turns off this urge, but the rest of the year, for birthdays, Mother's Day, or no occasion at all, searching for—and finding—the gift that says, "This is exactly to your tast...

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