Millennium Consumption Goals—Part 2

The Millennium Consumption Goals are moving forward—and thanks to all the great comments we received, they’re getting more nuanced too!

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It's Time for Millennium Consumption Goals

I read yesterday that a Sri Lankan scientist is calling for the drafting of “Millennium Consumption Goals” to help rich countries curb their climate-damaging consumption habits. It's a fantastic idea—but what would these MCGs include?

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How to Pay for the Kids College and Save the Environment

According to the Department of Transportation the U.S. public drove more than 3 trillion miles in 2007. That is enough to drive to Mars and back over 32,000 times. This means that the potential for reducing carbon emissions is massive. It is understandable that individuals in rural areas where bu...

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Cheap Green Adventures: Go On a Plant Safari

The Washington Post had an article this weekend about "Name That Plant," suggesting that gardeners test their knowledge about the environment by trying to name the plants they encounter in backyards or beyond. It reminded me of something I read, a memoir by a novelist who recounted spending time...

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Science Fiction...or the Future?

Do we have a science-fiction future to look forward to? We all know there is a finite supply of fossil fuels. Perhaps many of us think that they will run out in the next generation's lifetime, or the generation after that, and thus will not see the way a post-petroleum humanity conducts itself. ...

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