Millennium Consumption Goals—Part 2

The Millennium Consumption Goals are moving forward—and thanks to all the great comments we received, they’re getting more nuanced too!

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It's Time for Millennium Consumption Goals

I read yesterday that a Sri Lankan scientist is calling for the drafting of “Millennium Consumption Goals” to help rich countries curb their climate-damaging consumption habits. It's a fantastic idea—but what would these MCGs include?

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Tallying the True Costs of Fossil Fuels

Monday, the New York Times reported that a National Academy of Sciences study tallied the cost of burning fossil fuels and found that it was running the county about $120 billion dollars each year. That price tag is based almost entirely on health care costs and thousands of premature deaths from...

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McKibben Reminds Us that We Have Yet to Come to Terms with Our Limits

In A Timely Reminder of the Real Limits to Growth, a recent opinion piece in Yale Environment 360, Bill McKibben reminds us that it's been 37 years since publication of the book, Limits to Growth, which warned, "If the present growth trends in world population, industrialization, pollution, food ...

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G20 Leaders Signal an End to Free Ride for Fossil Fuels

On one or two occasions, friends of mine have complained about renewable energies because they have to be subsidized to survive. (Yeah, I know. Fun party conversation.) My response is always to point out that we've been subsidizing fossil fuel production for decades. I never go into any details, ...

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NYT Reporter Asks Economists About the Future of Consumer Culture

A few days ago, New York Times reporter and Dot Earth blogger Andrew C. Revkin asked a handful of prominent economists what they thought about evidence showing a substantial and sustained cooling of consumer spending habits. In addition to Nobel laureate, Kenneth J. Arrow, a few others weighed in...

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Do those opposing climate action even know where the high ground is?

I think it's fair to say that a measure of how morally bankrupt your position is on an issue is related to how much you have to lie to rally public support for your position. (No, I'm not talking about that other issue currently dominating the news. I'm talking about climate change legislation.) ...

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Stop shark finning

According to an article from Grist, "Every year up to 73 million sharks are caught, stripped of their fins, and left for dead in the ocean." Discovery Channel's Shark Week is meant to halt "finning" practices. Sharks play a critical role in the ocean ecosystem. As a top predator, sharks create b...

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AM Inspiration: The Cinema...Minds Transfigured So Together

This weekend I went to go see a movie. The picture itself was okay, but what was most interesting happened when I stepped out into the late afternoon sun. There ought to be a word for how one feels at that moment, stepping from the world of fantasy to reality. While in the movie theater I am accu...

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Wal-mart Launches Sustainability Index

Lot of chatter in the enviro press lately about Wal-mart's new Sustainability Index, and possible plans to establish a sustainability label for the products it sells, somewhat akin to nutrition labels currently on food packaging. Yes, you say, but it's Wal-mart. Time was, the two corporations m...

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