Earth Hour: The Right Way (and the Right Reason) to Participate

Saturday, March 28, at 8:30Pm is Earth Hour. Why should you join Earth-aware people across the world and turn all your lights off for an hour? I like this reflection from Time Magazine after Earth Hour 2008: Because climate change is essentially a political problem, and the language of politics...

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Liz Barratt-Brown: A Turning Point in the Tar Sands

“Energy security must morph to climate security.” writes New Dream board member Liz Barratt-Brown in connection to the tar sands issue for NRDC’s Switchboard. At the end of the day the key point is this - our leaders can no longer hide behind the coattails of the oil companies operating in the t...

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CFLs: Please use responsibly

So you've gotten used to heading straight towards compact fluorescents when you need to buy more light bulbs. But what do you do with them when they burn out? These bulbs may do their part to save energy during their useful life, but what about their end-of-life plan? CFLs need to be disposed of ...

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Half-Full or Half-Empty, Halving Your Lifstyle Could Be a Good Thing

I came across this cool thing called "The Half Plan" in the context of some solar lighting research. A plan that helps you "cut your energy use, energy cost, and C02 Emissions in half" sounds like a triple-win scenario. The site gives details about cost investment for each project, estimating tha...

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