Villains "Phantom Energy" and "Vampire Plugs" Steal 10 Burritos Every Year

Use That Leaking Energy for Something More Productive I know that all my co-workers at New Dream are getting creeped out because I talk about Phantom Energy and Vampire Plugs nonstop. I send out regular emails reminding people to turn off their power strips at night and every time we have a new ...

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Spreading the Wealth Without Spending a Dime: Computers

The next installment in our series on spreading the wealth without spending a dime is about donating electronics to charities around the world. The National Cristina Foundation distributes certain kinds of computers and business equipment to a list of pre-screened charitable organizations that u...

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Ecycling, recycling, and salvaging use out of your old electronics

The fast pace of technological innovation seems to have fallen right in step with the human need for novelty. That iPod that seemed so shiny-new and "modern" such a short time ago is now a little scratched but still serviceable. Or maybe it's been dropped one too many times and isn't useful. Many...

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