Millennium Consumption Goals—Part 2

The Millennium Consumption Goals are moving forward—and thanks to all the great comments we received, they’re getting more nuanced too!

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Charge It to My Green Credit Card

Last month, I came across a Reuters article in Mother Nature Network that discussed the benefits of a new “green credit card” in South Korea. I have to admit it sounds exciting, but the cynic in me also has to respond.

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Tallying the True Costs of Fossil Fuels

Monday, the New York Times reported that a National Academy of Sciences study tallied the cost of burning fossil fuels and found that it was running the county about $120 billion dollars each year. That price tag is based almost entirely on health care costs and thousands of premature deaths from...

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McKibben Reminds Us that We Have Yet to Come to Terms with Our Limits

In A Timely Reminder of the Real Limits to Growth, a recent opinion piece in Yale Environment 360, Bill McKibben reminds us that it's been 37 years since publication of the book, Limits to Growth, which warned, "If the present growth trends in world population, industrialization, pollution, food ...

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G20 Leaders Signal an End to Free Ride for Fossil Fuels

On one or two occasions, friends of mine have complained about renewable energies because they have to be subsidized to survive. (Yeah, I know. Fun party conversation.) My response is always to point out that we've been subsidizing fossil fuel production for decades. I never go into any details, ...

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The recession: not over yet

In the current recession many people are enduring hardships. Charities face a large demand for clothes and food donations. "Manna gave away 3.1 million pounds of food to 102,519 Montgomery County residents last fiscal year, up from 2.1 million pounds the year before. " Even though everyone has h...

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"A penny saved is a penny earned"

"A penny saved is a penny earned." - Benjamin Franklin The stock market is slowly rising thanks to the upcoming holiday season and Obama's push towards clean energy and a green economy. Yet many people are still wary of conditions surrounding the stock market. According the an article written b...

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NYT Reporter Asks Economists About the Future of Consumer Culture

A few days ago, New York Times reporter and Dot Earth blogger Andrew C. Revkin asked a handful of prominent economists what they thought about evidence showing a substantial and sustained cooling of consumer spending habits. In addition to Nobel laureate, Kenneth J. Arrow, a few others weighed in...

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Cash for Clunkers: Success?

This is a follow up post to the Cash for clunkers, otherwise known as Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS) posted July 23,2009. Cash for clunkers program was expected to last till November 1,2009 with the $1 billion fund they received from the government. However, the program seems to have been mor...

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Why us? - Questions from GM Workers

Must GM workers suffer from the company's bad management decisions? President Obama is aware that many GM employees are going through hard times right now. About 400,000 jobs have already been lost before the automaker's restructuring on the road to recovery, says the Times Online UK: "21,000 of...

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