Going Screen Free for One Week

Do you have what it takes to give up TV, Internet videos, and other screen-based entertainment for a week? It might sound hard, but not if you go in with a plan and the support of friends who join your quest...

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Full House: Communal Living On the Rise

When I was in college, everyone was always in a rush to find 3 or 4 housemates to room with for the duration of the semester. Students were so excited in having their own place away from parents and living with a group of random or close friends. As the semester wore on, housemates often formed a...

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Revitalization: My New Dream

Revitalize: To impart new life or vigor to. The town of Lockeport, Nova Scotia, Canada is planning a revitalization project with the help of Storm Cunningham, founder of the Revitalization Institute. Led by Dayle Eshelby, Town of Lockeport Integrated Community Sustainability Coordinator, the tow...

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Same Inside

I came across this lovely poem last night. It made me think that despite all our differences at the end of the day we are all the same inside. We yearn for companionship, sense of achievement, good health, a family of our own. Thus, rather than focusing on our own needs we ought to create a tight...

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AM Inspiration: Hedonometers and the Balance Sheet of the Mind

At this very minute, a hedonometer is at work, perhaps about to add this post to its calculations about the happiest and saddest days across the internet. If scientists have always had a hard time measuring something as objective as happiness, why would researchers Peter Dodds and Chris Danforth ...

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AM Inspiration: Because Of You, My Solitude

In counterpoint to yesterday's post about community comes today's meditation on solitude."One of the greatest necessities in America is to discover creative solitude," wrote the poet Carl Sandburg. He should have specified North Americans, as one of the books that epitomizes Latin American cultur...

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Tags: Acceptance, Alone, Community, Consumption, Creativity, Recreation, Social, Wellness

AM Inspiration: Where does community begin?

Where does community begin? As reported in an earlier blog post about consumption's false promises of connectedness, Americans are far more socially isolated than they were 20 years ago, according to a Duke University study reported in the Washington Post. Yet we are increasingly preoccupied with...

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AM Inspiration: Sudden Summer Streams - Kids and Water

How many of your summer memories involve water? Whether splashing in a hydrant (what poet Marilyn Singer called the "sudden summer stream . . . the stubby hydrant brings to the city child") or in a sprinkler, kids love playing in a jet of water. Unfortunately, this simple pleasure can come at a h...

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Follow the green brick road

Good news for people living in Edmonston, Maryland. The town's Decatur Street will be reconstructed into an environmentally-friendly road, which will consist of "rain gardens, porous brick and a drought-resistant tree canopy designed to shade the concrete, filter rainwater before it flows into th...

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Tags: Community, Sustainability

Ample Harvest: Connecting Gardeners with Food Pantries

A follow-up to a previous post on donating your garden's surplus to area food pantries: The director of a Connecticut community garden, Gary Oppenheimer, started as a means of connecting gardeners and their surplus produce with food pantries and their patrons in need of fresh fo...

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