Tallying the True Costs of Fossil Fuels

Monday, the New York Times reported that a National Academy of Sciences study tallied the cost of burning fossil fuels and found that it was running the county about $120 billion dollars each year. That price tag is based almost entirely on health care costs and thousands of premature deaths from...

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G20 Leaders Signal an End to Free Ride for Fossil Fuels

On one or two occasions, friends of mine have complained about renewable energies because they have to be subsidized to survive. (Yeah, I know. Fun party conversation.) My response is always to point out that we've been subsidizing fossil fuel production for decades. I never go into any details, ...

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Your Lawn: Where the Wild Things Are?

Yesterday's post was about the need to apply an ecological sensibility to politics. We also need to re-learn how to apply that same mindset to our own little ecological experiments, our lawns. Ethicurean had a great interview with Nancy Gift, author of "A Weed by Any Other Name: The Virtues of a ...

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As Lovely as a Synthetic Tree? Geoengineering Might Capture Much of Our C02

It is a rare bit of news that offers a positive development on the global warming front. And an even rarer article that can explain carbon dioxide capture in layperson's terms. The NYT Green Inc. blog talked with Columbia geophysicist Klaus Lackner about just what these synthetic trees are, anywa...

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Climate Change in the US: Transportation, Global Warming, and Gratitude

Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States - Full report(pdf) Transportation section (pdf) While in the long term any plan for carbon control hinges upon better public transportation networks, in the short term the many Americans reliant upon cars may find road conditions becoming more ...

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Climate Change Art Contest: For students and non-students

This blog has been exploring the best ways to communicate about green issues, particularly the urgency of climate change. This is an issue close to the heart of Andrew C. Revkin, blogger at NYT's Dot Earth, as well. He has also been questioning what graphics might be most effective in portraying ...

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New Beef Section on Cater to the Earth

Check out the new Cater to the Earth section on Beef. This in-depth look at the environmental impacts of meat consumption follows cows from their food and water to the meatpacking plant, your plate, and beyond to the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases, corn's footprint, and what happens when cows are ...

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Science Fiction...or the Future?

Do we have a science-fiction future to look forward to? We all know there is a finite supply of fossil fuels. Perhaps many of us think that they will run out in the next generation's lifetime, or the generation after that, and thus will not see the way a post-petroleum humanity conducts itself. ...

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The Cutting-Edge Answer to Carbon Sequestration: Dumping?

Dumping corn stalks, wheat straw and other crop residues into the deep ocean, where cold and lack of oxygen would keep them from decomposing, would in effect sequester atmospheric CO2 on a time scale of millennia. It sounds suspiciously simple, but apparently it is possible to take the carbon ab...

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