Bottled Water is not Presidential

The always-insightful Beth Terry, aka Fake Plastic Fish had an especially insightful post today about bottled water. Her rundown on the bottled water industry's exploitation of water resources in North Carolina hit home with me because NC was my home for many years, and droughts are becoming more...

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Memorial University of Newfoundland expels bottled water from campus

Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) became the second Canadian university to progressively phase out the sale of bottled water this year. The first, University of Winnipeg, eliminated bottled water in March. MUN made the announcement at their new students orientation. President pro tempore,...

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Bottled Water Sales Decline

Success! For the first time in five years sales of bottled waters have declined, a change due in part to environmental activists and environmentally-minded consumers who have spread the word that the real difference between bottled water and tap water is the price tag. Joan Holleran, Director of ...

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Truth and Bottled Water: Both Slippery Commodities

Tappening, an anti-bottled water website, provides a useful blog with information on what's going on in the campaign against bottled water. They also provide something a little less healthy but more fun: their "start a lie" campaign has the motto "If they can lie, so can you. Find out the truth a...

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Beer Is Mostly Water Anyway

During Medieval times in Europe, the public was advised to drink beer instead of water because the public water supply was contaminated and beer brewing kills those contaminants. But today, as any seasoned beer festival-goer knows, its important to keep hydrated when you are tasting beers -- espe...

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Shopping for Low-Impact Packaging vs. China's Recycling Economy

Last week I posted a poll: what ethical considerations trump all others when you're shopping? There is no right answer, as fair trade, organic, cruelty-free, local goods, and items without excess packaging are all good things to look for. Sometimes, though, it helps to have a few facts on hand wh...

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A Fountain on Every Corner

There was a wonderful op-ed in the New York Times last week about the next step in breaking the bottled water habit: so you have your non-toxic, reusable bottle…where do you fill it up? When walking in New York City on a hot day, Elizabeth Royte says, tap water is not as readily available as b...

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