AM Inspiration: Decapitated Giants, Glamour Ground into Sand

Following up on Tuesday's post about Africa's environment reflected in poetry, here's another installment, this time about deforestation. While the word might conjure up associations with the Amazonian rainforest, deforestation is actually an acute problem in Africa. Unlike in Latin America, an e...

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Heirloom Tomatoes and Monsanto: Maybe Not the Most Natural Hybrid

Heirloom seeds are awesome, right? They produce tastier, more varied vegetables and have been handed down for generations because they are particularly suited to local growing conditions. Civil Eats points out Scientific American's recent article attempting to debunk these beliefs. Could it be th...

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The UN on Food Waste: Room for Improvement

The United Nations Environment Programme released a report about food waste last week, warning that half the world's food is wasted due to human inefficiency. Putting that stark fact against the backdrop of climate change, increasing human population, decreasing biodiversity and lower crop yield...

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Communicating the Urgency of Our Shrinking Biodiversity

"If we want to do something about future food crises, we should name them today, and name them properly. Problems unnamed or improperly named are problems left unsolved," writes guest blogger for Grist, Cary Fowler. This post, similar in nature to the one about naming the climate crisis, also in...

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