AM Inspiration: Decapitated Giants, Glamour Ground into Sand

Following up on Tuesday's post about Africa's environment reflected in poetry, here's another installment, this time about deforestation. While the word might conjure up associations with the Amazonian rainforest, deforestation is actually an acute problem in Africa. Unlike in Latin America, an e...

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AM Inspiration: Africa and the Political Environment

International climate change talks founder again and again on the differing realities to be found in developed versus developing nations, with good reason: climate change is being already affecting parts of the African continent. GreenBusinessAfrica reports "For most rural people especially in th...

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Tags: Africa, Climate change, Criticism, Culture, Developing nation, Literature, Western

Globalization, Food, and Piracy

A recent post by Mother Jones asked Somali Pirates=Environmental Avengers? The roots of these modern-day pirates, the article suggests, may lie in the shocking levels of pollution endured by Somali coast-dwellers. Not only is European pollution ending up on shore, but European ships are looting t...

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