The Biggest Winner in the Academy Awards: Brands!

Learn the winners of the two newest Oscar categories: Best Brand and Most Branded Picture. They were both close races, but in the end, only two can be victorious....

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Neckties: Unknotting the Unnecessary Custom

The Christian Science Monitor's Bright Green Blog had wonderfully unbuttoned post about Bangladesh's energy-saving necktie ban--and affirmation of untucked shirttails. The more comfortable government employees will be working in offices with air conditioning set no lower than 75 degrees. Japan's...

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Four New Books Explore American Consumption

It is always nice when someone else does my work for me. I was scanning the web today, trolling for stories, when I came across an entry by Sarah Kessler on the Sierra Club website—a review of four new books on consumption issues. Together, these four books (listed in parenthesis below) see...

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The Human Side of Green

Grist's recent post Can human rights be the climate movement’s moral guide? touches on some questions that have come up before in this blog: How do you reach people on a personal level with the urgency about climate change? How can the green movement itself keep in touch with the human costs of...

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The Green Revolution Will (not?) Be Televised

This blog has been following the debate on language within the green movement--how to communicate the urgency to act without turning people off? A recent NYT article, Seeking to Save the Planet, With a Thesaurus, The problem with global warming, some environmentalists believe, is “global warming...

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Messaging 101

Watch this short video with a surprise ending.

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The Remote Control: Keeper of Stories, Waster of Resources?

This great quote about TV and resource use comes from Duane Elgin in Yes! Magazine, via No Impact Man: Someone once observed that people live by stories, including nations, and that if you can control people's stories, you don't need to control their armies or legislatures, because you already c...

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Before Eggnog: Holiday highs, lows, and the simple path in between

Holiday shopping may appeal to your instincts, but you can don't have to obey. It's begun. The local drugstore is my gauge for the passage of the retail seasons: during the "Valentine season" (which seems to get longer and more elaborate every year), motion-activated stuffed bears wave their arm...

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