The Biggest Winner in the Academy Awards: Brands!

Learn the winners of the two newest Oscar categories: Best Brand and Most Branded Picture. They were both close races, but in the end, only two can be victorious....

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Neckties: Unknotting the Unnecessary Custom

The Christian Science Monitor's Bright Green Blog had wonderfully unbuttoned post about Bangladesh's energy-saving necktie ban--and affirmation of untucked shirttails. The more comfortable government employees will be working in offices with air conditioning set no lower than 75 degrees. Japan's...

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Truth and Bottled Water: Both Slippery Commodities

Tappening, an anti-bottled water website, provides a useful blog with information on what's going on in the campaign against bottled water. They also provide something a little less healthy but more fun: their "start a lie" campaign has the motto "If they can lie, so can you. Find out the truth a...

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Wal-mart Launches Sustainability Index

Lot of chatter in the enviro press lately about Wal-mart's new Sustainability Index, and possible plans to establish a sustainability label for the products it sells, somewhat akin to nutrition labels currently on food packaging. Yes, you say, but it's Wal-mart. Time was, the two corporations m...

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Four New Books Explore American Consumption

It is always nice when someone else does my work for me. I was scanning the web today, trolling for stories, when I came across an entry by Sarah Kessler on the Sierra Club website—a review of four new books on consumption issues. Together, these four books (listed in parenthesis below) see...

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Score One for Savvy Marketing: Branding Tap Water in Venice

Up until recently, bottled water has had one major advantage over tap water in Venice. No, it's not water quality, taste, or health benefits: bottled water, unlike the stuff that comes free out of the taps, comes in a branded bottle. Through brand loyalty or merely the emotional response to a pic...

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The Human Side of Green

Grist's recent post Can human rights be the climate movement’s moral guide? touches on some questions that have come up before in this blog: How do you reach people on a personal level with the urgency about climate change? How can the green movement itself keep in touch with the human costs of...

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The Green Revolution Will (not?) Be Televised

This blog has been following the debate on language within the green movement--how to communicate the urgency to act without turning people off? A recent NYT article, Seeking to Save the Planet, With a Thesaurus, The problem with global warming, some environmentalists believe, is “global warming...

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Messaging 101

Watch this short video with a surprise ending.

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Speaking Up About the Downside of Fast Food

Fast food's charm lies in its predictability. Fast food restaurants now dot the nation's landscapes, turning the view in most areas into a predictable stretch of plastic: signs, architecture, and food. It would seem as though fast food has conquered us all, from roadsides to tastebuds. Is there a...

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