Spotlight: Take Back the Filter!

If the how to refill your Brita filter tip wasn't quite up your alley and you wish there was an easier way to  reuse or recycle your disposable cartridges, check out Take Back the Filter. This recently launched campaign is asking the Clorox Company, which purchased the North American branch of Brita in 2000, to take back and recycle Brita water filter cartridges.

A few quick facts about the campaign from Take Back the Filter organizer, Beth Terry:

1)  The original BRITA company in Germany has had a program to collect and recycle used filter cartridges ever since 1992.  They process them in their own facility, separating the materials and recycling or reusing them.

2)  The North American branch of the company was sold to Clorox in 2000.  Clorox has not provided any way to recycle these used cartridges.

3)  Clorox and Nalgene have teamed up for their FilterForGood campaign to encourage people to give up bottled water and opt instead for the combo of reusable bottle and BRITA filter, to cut down the amount of plastic bottle waste.  This is a great effort.  But Clorox has not addressed the plastic waste from the water filters themselves, as the BRITA company has done in Europe.

4)  We would like Clorox to follow the principal of Extended Producer Responsibility and either redesign its filter cartridges to be refilled (the best option) or create a take-back recycling program, such as already exists in Europe.

5)  Why BRITA and not other water filter companies?  We are starting with BRITA because the technology for recycling already exists in Europe, BRITA is the most popular water filter system in the U.S., and Clorox is making a bid for the green consumer at this time with its purchase of Burt's Bees and its development of Green Works cleaning products.

What do we want people to do?

1) Sign our petition

2) Send us their used BRITA cartridges so we can deliver them en masse to Clorox

3) Write a letter to Clorox (or send an email or make a telephone call)

4) Spread the word

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