VIDEO: How to Start a Solar Co-op

Want to go solar? It may be easier and more affordable (not to mention more fun!) with a group of people.

Check out our video about starting a solar co-op! The Mt. Pleasant Solar Cooperative in Washington, DC helps shine a light on how to bring affordable and convenient solar power to your community. 

The video is part of the Guide to Sharing, the first in a series of guides that New Dream is producing for our new Community Action Kit.

About the Community Action Kit

The New Dream Community Action Kit is a creative, fun, and easy-to-use online Kit that promotes collective action and civic engagement to build more sustainable, healthier, and happier communities. The Kit consists of a series of guides to help people around the country organize and implement projects in their own neighborhoods. Each guide is divided into four “Action Idea” sections, each containing a written introduction, step-by-step tips for how to carry out that action, and a video featuring a successful community case study. The guide concludes with a listing of recommended resources and organizations.

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