Let’s get rid of that junk mail!

So you took the pledge to Junk Your Junk Mail at but now you're trying to figure out how to actually get rid of all that mail?

There are two ways you can go about getting rid of your junk mail:1. You can pay a service such as to help get rid of 80 to 95 percent of that junk mail.


OR-2. You can do it yourself.Start with our free forms. This will help get rid of all those credit card offers you’ve been swamped with.Now let’s get rid of Val-Pak. You know, those blue envelopes you receive with coupons you never bother taking to the store? Just visit their unsubscribe page.

How about catalogs? Many mail order companies provide your information to Abacus, which is owned by DoubleClick Digital Advertising. To get out of their database, email your name (including your middle initial), current address, and any other address you might still have associated with you (particularly if you just moved) to

That won’t get rid of all of your catalogs. You may need to start manually calling each company that sends you a catalog. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be giving you ways to get off of the lists of the commonly sent catalogs. 

Actually, just visit our blog posting here to learn about Catalog Choice, which ends the need to manually cancel your catalogs.

We'll also be giving you information about junking of all kinds of other junk mail--get ready to have a much emptier mailbox! (It won't feel sad, I promise.)

If there’s a specific catalog list that you’d like to get off of but are not sure how, email me at Likewise, we’d love to hear of your success stories so please send those to me as well!

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