Green is Universal

For those of you who haven't shunned the television, you may have heard that NBC is going green this whole week--the motto is Green is Universal. Every show that they air throughout this week will have something green about it.

I caught the end of last night's Cowboys v. Eagles game, and the announcers were in an unlit studio--they had candles going on their table. The point they were making was the energy used in lighting a studio for four hours would power the average home for a month. Wow. Granted, yes, they could have chosen to use CFLs to light their studio and given people ideas about saving energy in lighting outside of potentially causing a fire, but their intention counts.

I am most excited to catch Al Gore on 30 Rock on Thursday, 11/8/07 at 8:30. In the commercial preview for the show (which was taped pre-Nobel Prize), Al hears a whale in trouble, takes his blazer off (he's wearing a bright green tie), and runs off to save it. (Who wants to bet that he's going to win a second Primetime Emmy?)

The Green is Universal website is a pretty. accessible website that gives people ideas about going and staying green. In addition to Green Horoscopes (actually a cute idea), there's a section in which you can submit your new habits either by commenting or submitting a video. I know you guys have TONS of ideas--submit away! Lead the way and make me proud!

UPDATE: For anyone who missed 30 Rock, you can watch it for free online at NBC's website.

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