As if you didn’t hate junk mail enough…

A man without junk mail is like a fish without a bicycle… or so the old saying goes. I imagine just about everyone who reads this loves to get holiday cards, birthday salutations, and friendly notes in their mail. I think I speak for all of us when I say that one more credit card application or offer for a super low interest loan might put me out of my tree.

Despite our common hatred, some of us don’t know about the environmental impact of junk mail. For instance, junk mail production and distribution requires as much energy as 3 million cars. With all the focus on spiraling energy costs and dwindling supplies, it seems that savings might be found in unlikely places. Like your mail box.

How about this one: even though we throw about half of our junk mail away without opening it, we spend about 8 months of our life opening the other half. That’s almost 21 million seconds you could be using to play with your kids, write your representative about an issue, or take a walk on a nice day.

The point is, if you take the pledge this month and get rid of your junk mail, you’ll be helping to clear the air of a substantial bit of greenhouse gases, and you’ll save a nice chunk of time to do more of what matters to you.

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