Have We Reached a New Low?

As if the marketing of bottled water wasn't already absurd, it appears that the industry is targeting a new and vulnerable demographic-- kids. Yep, you got it! In bright colors and toy-like shapes, this kid-approved bottled water strives to be the next "Mommy, I NEED this" item in the grocery aisles.

With both landfills and food costs rising, this product exemplifies the worst of our consumer culture. Let's hope that parents clue in and opt for the far more environmentally sound and cost-effective option: a reusable water bottle with an irresistibly kid-friendly design!


4:52 pm on Thu May 1 2008
By Hamilton Nolan

About Time That Children Had Their OWN Water

ywater.jpegIt's bottled water—for kids! Fortified with vitamins, minerals, and especially good old H2O. Finally, no more arguing with your kids to hush up and drink their Evian. Yves Behar has designed this "Y Water," featuring bottles that are also toys. And Kanye West loves it! I think I heard of this "bottled water that kids love" idea back when it was called "Capri Sun." Anyhow, I'm sure this product is both necessary, and a great value. Not to mention the obvious benefits for the plastics industry. Two fun-loving pics of children enjoying this capitalist monstrosity, after the jump.


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