Guest Blog: Alex Honnold on the Neighborhood Challenge, Simplifying, and More

Our current national climate, with its ever-increasing focus on material goods and “buy, buy, buy!” mentality, can be daunting for individuals looking for ways to live thoughtful, eco-friendly lives. From birth, children are told that the kid at the playground with the most toys wins—not that a game of hide and seek with friends will bring the most joy. This carries over into adulthood, where neighbors aren’t looking for ways to share and connect with one another—they are sizing up who has the biggest house or got the latest promotion at work.

Clearly, we’ve wandered onto the wrong path as a country somewhere along the way. As a climber and outdoorsman, the most important times in my day-to-day life are when I'm engaging with the natural world around me, sharing with my community of fellow climbers, and connecting with those I meet in my travels. 

You don’t have to scale mountains, though, to get out there and make your community a better place. Far too often, people believe that there’s nothing they can do to simplify their lifestyles, connect with neighbors, or even green their own backyard. The Center for a New American Dream is helping make this myth disappear with their latest initiative, the Get2gether Neighborhood Challenge

The Get2gether Neighborhood Challenge is an opportunity for teams of local change makers across the country to raise funds for projects to improve their neighborhoods. Through the Challenge, a team could receive $2,000 or more to support a local community project.

The Honnold Foundation is excited about the work that New Dream is doing and therefore has chosen to be a part of the Neighborhood Challenge by supporting a number of grants ourselves. I personally will be serving as a guest on the selection committee, and I'm thrilled to see the ideas that YOU come up with to bring your communities together!

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